Who am I?

May is the new girl. She comes from a different place and she has never been to school before. She is scared although she probably wont admit it herself. She is set out on a journey to discover where she came from. With the help of her friends will she find the answers to her questions and will she discover who she is?
New chapter every month on the 5 th ,15th and the 23th.


4. May

Why did he ask me that question? Of all the questions he could have asked, he asked that one. I suppose I could of lied to him, told him the story my father told me to say. But I couldn't, he had gone to all that trouble of asking me. I couldn't lie to him. Well I could but there was a part of me that told me not too: my heart.

The teacher stood up. “ Welcome class to this new school year. From now you all have a fresh start. Any mistakes you made last year are behind you.” She finished, smiling round at everyone. The same old blah the teacher always says. I sneered at her, thinking what a silly posh teacher she was. Miss Anderson, that was her name, looked like she couldn't say boo to a goose. But once again the little bit inside of disagreed. The little but inside of me was praising her for being such a good teacher and how inspiring she was. The little bit was insignificant but it was growing bigger and bigger and that was scary. “ We are fortunate enough to have a new student with us.” Her voice cut through my thoughts. “ May will you please come up to the front?” Eyes swerved round to me in an instant. This was my chances do  to show my father that I didn't need him that I was independent and to show him that no matter where he put me I was always going to be the same person. “ NO!” I shouted.
“Sorry?” Said Miss Anderson, thinking, hoping I had said something else. “ NO!” I said again, a little bit quieter than before. Miss Anderson looked at me in disbelief. No one had ever acted like that especially on their first day. I could see her thoughts running through her head. ‘ THE CHEEK OF THAT GIRL. Calm down. It's her first day she must not know how to act. THEN I MUST TEACH HER HOW TO ACT.’ This went on in Miss Anderson’s head for quite a while. She was fighting with herself. I wondered what was holding her back so I delved a little deeper into her mind. ‘Lola was exactly like her, at first she was a bit bossy and we all admired her but when she was shown a little bit of kindness Lola changed, she wasn't daring but she had another quality instead: kindness. Which meant way more then bossiness. So Miss Anderson didn't tell me off and I was left to wonder about the mysterious girl called Lola. Then break came and I was left alone in the middle of the playground.

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