Who am I?

May is the new girl. She comes from a different place and she has never been to school before. She is scared although she probably wont admit it herself. She is set out on a journey to discover where she came from. With the help of her friends will she find the answers to her questions and will she discover who she is?
New chapter every month on the 5 th ,15th and the 23th.


2. May

I suppose I should start at the beginning not the very beginning. That would be a very long story and probably quite boring. I’m going to start from the beginning of my life on earth. So, I was just zooming above the clouds snickering mischievously as I thought about my latest prank I had pulled. I had managed to convince a whole town that there was a ghost living in their town. I was thinking about what prank to pull next when suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled me hard. It was my father: Zeus. “What do you want!” I snide ungraciously. My father is a like a stick. Pointy and thin everywhere. He is so strict. He has never once shone me even a tiny bit of kindness. Strict he looks especially now. In fact is very angry now, his face is red and he looks as if he is about to explode. “What on earth have you done now young lady.” He boomed and the whole sky shook with his voice. “What do you mean?” I say innocently. “Oh don’t you give me that nonsense, you know what I mean. The incident where you frightened the life out of a village perhaps.” He yelled at me. “oops.” I mumbled quietly, still trying to look innocent.  “That’s it I’ve had enough I’m going to teach you a lesson. One you will never forget, I’m sending you to earth where your mother came from!” my father screams at me at the top of his voice. A pause then the idea hits me. Earth I’m going to earth. Going to earth means no magic. Earth the loser place that humans are completely destroying. Suck humans, suck earth. They can all go and die for I care. Their only purpose is to keep me amused. Me the all powerful goddess. Me. I’m not going there. “But...” I make out.                                                        “No buts, you’re going and that is that.” Boom. There was a sudden flash of light. I was forced to close my eyes because it was so bright. I opened them up and I was on earth.

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