Who am I?

May is the new girl. She comes from a different place and she has never been to school before. She is scared although she probably wont admit it herself. She is set out on a journey to discover where she came from. With the help of her friends will she find the answers to her questions and will she discover who she is?
New chapter every month on the 5 th ,15th and the 23th.


3. Frost

I live in an orphanage, it’s a dump. Well are orphanages are. I can tell you, I’ve been to most of them. Not many people know I’m an orphan. It’s not really a secret. A secret is when you really try not to tell anyone but in the end it slips out. I just don’t tell anyone. Everyone is on their own in an orphanage. No one sticks up for each other. You will get picked on at least once. I got picked on mostly for my name (frost). It’s really the only thing I have that my real parents gave me. It’s a bit of an unusual name but that’s how names go. It’s not their fault I get picked on. They didn’t know I would go into the foster system. I was told they died when I was still a baby. When I was younger I used to dream that one day they would come and take me back. I’ve stopped believing that now. Some people say I’ve given up hope. Maybe I have,  but I call it coming back to reality.

As I already said I’ve been in an orphanage for ages. Everyone else comes and goes. I’ve realised that there’s no point in making friends because as soon as you make a friend, life seems to take even more joy in ripping you apart. I hardly remember any one from the orphanage but there is one person I remember well: May.

The social worker in charge told me that someone my age was moving in. I knew it had happened many times before but I still felt butterflies in my stomach. No matter how much I tried to diminish them.

So I was just sitting at the desk in my room, blocking out all the noise. In my own world. I was meant to be doing my homework. Then a heard some shouting, the noise the normally accompanied a new person. I briefly wondered who had come to the orphanage. Then I stopped myself thinking about it, and then I blocked out the noise and got back to ‘work’.

Next morning at breakfast there was an extra seat laid out. It was empty. It was the only seat that was empty. Everyone ignored the chair and kept on eating as normal. Eventually one of the social workers went upstairs and brought her down. She was a thin tall girl with hair the colour of toffees and hazel eyes. The social worker was right she looked about 13 the same age as me. The girl was frowning openly and looking down at us. In her eyes there was a gleam. A gleam that none of us had because it was a gleam of hope. None of us had those gleams because we had given up because of all the terrible things the world has done for us. While I was looking at her her social worker gave us an anouncement in her loud ringing tones.

“This is May, she is new here and I want you all to welcome her.” this was the typical thing she said every time there was a new person she just changed the name and changed she/he.  I didn’t really listen to that bit because it wasn’t really out of the ordinary. “She will be going to seasons secondary school and frost since you go there too I want you to show her the way to school. “ That’s when I woke up. I have to show her the way to school, oh god I have to get this changed. I was about to tell the social worker I couldn’t do it but something stopped me. When I looked at may I saw past the smirk and the gleam.  Inside she was a very broken person. She was alone and scared. So scared she could break down at any moment that is why she had to hide it. She reminded me of, well me when I first felt alone. So I didn’t say anything I just shrugged.

 So we were walking to school, a deathly silence between us as we were both daring the other to talk. There was just the repetitive sound of footsteps and birds tweeting in the trees. When we got near the school, I risked it. “Why are you an orphan?” I could see the confusion in her eyes as she said defensively “It’s none of your....” but that moment we walked into the classroom so she was stopped in her tracks. 

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