Who am I?

May is the new girl. She comes from a different place and she has never been to school before. She is scared although she probably wont admit it herself. She is set out on a journey to discover where she came from. With the help of her friends will she find the answers to her questions and will she discover who she is?
New chapter every month on the 5 th ,15th and the 23th.


1. May

The world is filled with 7 billion people and they say that every single person is unique. That means we are all un unique in being unique.

If every single person had a wish what would it be? Some of us would wish for more some for less. Some would want to go back in time, some forward. If everyone is unique then that means every wish is unique. One single purpose that drives us. Some know what it is from birth. For others it takes a while to find it out. So if each one of our purposes are different that means we are all left alone to fill out our purpose. We may meet people along the way but in the end we are alone and that is how life works it’s harsh but fair. I’ve observed this from where I am. Who am I? 

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