Falling For Him

Nadine Taylor. Not much to say besides she the goodie goodie of the school. Gets all A's. Her parents end up and jail. And has to stay with one of her best friends named Grace. She has another friend named Faith. Grace and Faith are party girls, Her...not so much. When Grace introduces her boyfriend and his friends, Michael and Nadine meet. Her heart races and can't stop thinking about him she's falling for him, but will he fall for her?


8. Chapter 8

~Nadine Pov~

I wake up the next morning and I checked my phone. I had a reminder.

REMINDER: Mother's Birthday Today!

I can't help but let the tears roll down my face. I get up and put on a fresh pair of clothes and brush my hair and brush my teeth. I grab my phone and walk down the stairs still crying.

"Nadine what's wrong?" Michael asks running up to me. I ignore him and go in to the living room wiping my tears.

"Nadine what happened?" Grace asks. I ignore her too and grab my keys and go out the door. I get in my car and drive to he cemetery. I get to my mother's grave and sit.

"Happy birthday mum" I whisper. "I'm sorry this happened I wish it didn't" I'm sobbing. "I love you so much and I always will" I say. "I'm making straight A's like you wanted. Isn't it funny how I was making C's until you passed. I try do do the best I can for you. Dad got in jail and I don't want to know how. People think in a goody two shoes, well I am, but I'm like hat for you. I love you so much mum." I say until my phone starts blowing up with texts from Grace and Faith asking me where I am. "I'll come back I have to get to Grace's so they won't worry anymore. Happy birthday mum. I love you"

I went to my car and drove back to my temporary home. I walk in the house crying.

"Damn Nadine we were worried about you!" Faith yells when I shut the door.

"Don't fucking yell at me Faith I'm not in the mood" I said.

"We all should yell at you you didn't tell us where you were going!" Faith yelled at me again.

"It's my mum's birthday today!" I said nearly in tears again.

"You still didn't tell us where you went!" She yelled again. I balled up my fists ready to punch her in the face.

"Faith she said it was her mum's birthday today!" Grace yelled at Faith.

"I went to the cemetery" I said releasing my fists. I was brought in a group hug.

"We're so sorry" Grace said.

"I'm sorry Nadine I didn't know" Faith said.

"It's fine" I said.

"Are you okay?" Michael asks.

"Yeah but I think I'm gonna die if you guys don't let go" I said out of breath.

"Sorry" Luke says.

"It's okay" I said.

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