Okay, so maybe I didn't tell him every secret...


1. My Best Friend

I was always beautiful. My blonde hair grew to my back, my blue eyes always glinted with joy, and I was tall and thin. As I got older, I stayed thin, but got big hips, big breasts, and became what you might call "Model Material". But there was only one person who dare stay around me- Keller.

He was always my best friend. He always was. We used to laugh, joke, and poke each other. We had inside jokes, and shared secrets that we never told anyone else. We were 9 when that all started.

Then he was my boyfriend. He was still my best friend, though. Just... a little more serious. You know, holding hands, kissing good morning, and crap like that. We were 15 when that all started.

Then he was my fiancé. He was still my best friend, and got better and better. We became closer and closer. We were 16.

Then he was my husband. He was more than my best friend. He was so adorable, and we still had our inside jokes. We were 17. 

Then, one day, he brought up something that I had been dreading him bringing up. 

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