The Broken

Melody Scarlet Night is just your average girl who doesn't have much of a story to tell. She always considers herself a broken child, but no one tends to notice an outcast..Being adopted wasn't exactly a great story to tell, but how about being a High Priestess of an unknown world? Her life will just keep changing no matter what. Even if it comes with sacrifices that one can't choose to make...


2. ~The Gathering~

~The Gathering~

   I could feel myself stirring to get up from the floor but my knees gave up on me and made me come crashing onto the sand.

 I silently think to myself, "Why does the floor feel like sand? I thought I was in the bathro-"

 I open my eyes slowly and can see the shining night sky glisten against the surface of the ocean while the waves were crashing onto shore. Suddenly I feel the fresh breeze tingling against my skin and making me have goosebumps. This was honestly the most breathtaking view I've ever seen in my entire life.

 "Melody.." said the whispering wind in the distance.

 I rise up slowly trying to balance myself but I just landed on my back. I raise myself up sitting on the sand but my legs must be numb because I could hardly feel them anymore. Against my better senses I talk to the wind.

 "Who's there?" I said demandingly yet my voice was full of fear.

 "What has happened my dear one?" the wind responded and I could see some sort of shadow coming towards me but once it touched me, it instantly vanished into the air.

 "I wonder if she knows yet?" the voice behind me was whispering to the others who were starting to appear.

"Know what?" I responded confused since I hardly knew where I was but maybe these people will tell me, well that's if they are people..

They all started to reappear into their natural forms but I could hardly make out any faces since each and every one of them had a bright auroa clingling to them. I only really found two of them very intriguing. She had a very bright auroa, yet somehow it was filled with several different colors as well, almost like a rainbow. The person next to her which appears to be a man had a very dark auroa but had all the colors mushed together as well.

Hmm, seems very weird that he was the only one with a dark auroa...

"What is your name dear one?" the woman in front of me asked.

I suddenly felt panic since she was so close to me. I could feel her breathing on my forehead but also since I didn't notice her walking towards me.

She looks very young with her pale skin, bright blue eyes and beautiful long brown hair but yet she seemed to have a dark side that no one could suspect but somehow I could feel it radiating off of her. Like I could read what she was hiding inside.

"Can she even speak?" a man said behind her looking at my eyes with a sad face like he could break in any moment.

" name you asked?" I responded yet against my better instincts something was telling me I would need to get to know these people.

"Yes, what is your full name dear one?" the woman asked.

"My name..Yes, it's Melody Scarlet Night Rose." I said quickly like if they were going to kill me if I hadn't answered them soon enough.

The woman suddenly gasped and looked at the man behind her while she started to sob.

"I can't believe she's still alive! Oh by the heavenly goddess your still here!" the woman spoke in between her sobs while staring at the others who were still in shock like if I was dead or something.

"Um..What do you mean by I'm still here?" I asked while I tried to get up but still my legs were numb.

"Oh yes...You may not remember us just yet but in due time you will." The man said behind her while he came into view and knelt beside me looking at my face like if I was a broken doll.

"Who are you people?" I said while staring at each and every one of their faces trying to take in their features in case if I never saw them again.

"We can't say now...but all that can be said is that you need to come home soon. Things need to be restored or else we may not even exist in between these worlds anymore." The man said while getting up and walking back to the woman with a concerned look.

"What do you mean restor-"

Suddenly I was ripped away from them and I could faintly hear the woman screaming no while I felt like I was being placed back into my body but I still couldn't move as much.

I started to faintly open my eyes but then my parents came right into view and they looked like they were rammed by a truck.

Their faces were filled with tears but then they saw me opening my eyes.

"Melody, sweetheart...can you hear me?" I heard my mother saying.

"Melody, we're at the hospital but we know you've been cutting again." my father said in between sobs.

I gasped. Omg no...I didn't want them to know about that! Dam it! I knew I should have just given that up a long time ago. 

"I'm sorry.." I said while I burst into tears but I didn't know what else to say anymore.

This wasn't the first time they've caught me cutting but I knew for sure it will be their last.

"It's okay, don't worry about that now...So what were you dreaming about?" I heard my mother's voice filled with concern.

"Huh?" was all that I could come up with.

"We could hear you faintly mumbling something in your sleep but we thought you were trying to talk to us but it sounded like you were talking to someone else.."

"Oh yeah..Just some weird dream mom. Don't worry I'm fine now."

"They should be releasing you tomorrow morning but your father and I have decided for you to be home schooled for the time being."

"That's perfectly fine with me.."

"Okay well, get some rest because you got a big day tomorrow morning."

"Okay.. well goodnight mom." I said before I let my slumber take over me but before it did I quietly thought to myself that maybe it's time I got to see this town of mine.

Get ready New Salem, because it seems you have been waiting for my arrival..




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