The Broken

Melody Scarlet Night is just your average girl who doesn't have much of a story to tell. She always considers herself a broken child, but no one tends to notice an outcast..Being adopted wasn't exactly a great story to tell, but how about being a High Priestess of an unknown world? Her life will just keep changing no matter what. Even if it comes with sacrifices that one can't choose to make...


1. ~The Weakened~

~The Weakened~

         God has reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand his wisdom, but we simply have to trust his will. Destiny always has two ways of crushing us-either by refusing our wishes or fulfilling them.

   "Hi, my name is Melody Scarlet Night Rose and this is my story...Everything always starts with a happy life but what other people never tend to notice or rather "believe" is that evil is always lurking within the shadows. It waits for the perfect opportunity to come out and get what it wants. It will never stop unless you give it what it wants....and that's exactly what my biological parents did. They were willing to sacrifice a village full of innocent people just to keep me alive for the sake of humanity. They knew sooner or later I wouldn't be safe anymore and that I would have to be taken away for the safety of the village because I'm the only one who can stop him..and I will never stop until he's min-"

  "Melody, you need to wake up love.." my mother said with a sweet innocent voice.

"What time is it mom?" I said waking up very slowly trying to fall back asleep in the wonderful smell of my bed.

"It's time for you to get up for your first day of school is what!" my mom said with a cheerful voice. I could tell she had a big smile on her face.

"Mom, school is not something to be happy about.." I said getting out of bed and reaching for my towel.

"Melody, this is your first time ever going to a public school or should I say, any school!"

"I would rather be at home where I can be myself behind a laptop screen rather than be face to face with rude kids!"

"Now that is not the right tone to use young lady!" she said marching up to me so she can meet me at eye to eye level, luckily I'm a couple of inches taller than her.

"Well mother, you always said to speak what's on your mind and that was exactly it." I said determined while marching to my bathroom and closing the door a couple inches just enough where I could still hear her going on and on about how I shouldn't talk back to my parents.

Once I got in the shower I suddenly remembered the dream I was having earlier before my mother woke me up. I've recently noticed that I've been having dreams about my past life, well should I say, what I imagine my past life was. I never really got to know a lot about my life when I was adopted at 2 months old. My parents always wanted to keep that a secret till the time was right but I never really knew when that would be anymore.

I've recently been depressed lately about what my life will be holding for me later on. I don't really know because I hardly even know myself or my biological parents past. I just wish I could at least see a picture of them but I'm not a legal adult so I can't force my parents do it.

I think that they know that something is up with me, but I would rather be the one to handle it because sooner or later I'm going back home. Home, where I was actually born at and raised for the first 2 months of my life. They didn't find out that I found my records a couple months ago in there room and I saw that it said I was adopted in New Salem. Strange name that you could give a town which only has a population of 1,000 people now which really isn't surprising with a name like that. Since I'm going to be heading there soon I decided to do some research and find out a little more about this "New Salem". 

Supposedly back in 1989, there was an accident at one of the annual parties for the celebration of the town being "reborn" or whatever that is exactly. A group of six teenagers were reported missing after a huge blowout between some of the citizens over the future of the town. Those six teens were the sons and daughters of the ancient ancestors of the town when it was first established in 1956. There was a huge police search for the missing teens but not one single clue was found or any corpse if they possibly had died for any unknown reason.

Anyway, I need to hurry up so I can get ready for school or should I say "hell". I get out the shower and try to reach for my towel on the rack but since it was too misty and foggy from taking a hot shower I ended up falling on the floor.

"Momm!..." I screamed while I felt so much pressure going to my head. I grabbed my towel and was covering myself up because the last thing I need is for my mom to see my body.

My eyes shifted to the floor and all I saw was a pool of blood and I instantly touched my head and that was my biggest mistake because all I felt was my knees giving up on me and I hit my head again but harder this time. I could feel someone touching me but I was too weak to even speak but all I could hear was my mom screaming for cam-

"Melody, stay with me. No! Don't close your eyes!" my mother said while in between sobs.

"CAMERON!" she screamed with sobering breaths while she tried to dial 911 on my phone but her hands couldn't stop shaking when the operator finally answered.

"911, what's the emergency?"

"Please send an ambulance! My daughter fell on her head and there's blood everywhere. She unconscious.." my mother responded frantically while my father entered the room.

"Omg! Melody! What happened?!" my father said while bringing me into his arms.

"Don't worry the ambulance is on the way.." my mother responded reassuringly.

"Wait..What are those marks on her wrist, Lydia?"

"They're scars." my mother said confused while taking my wrist into her hand and bringing it closer to her eyes.

"She's cutting herself again..."









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