Down By The River

Cartoonz and Delirious decided to finally take a break from the constant war between gangs by spending time at a river together.


1. OneShot

~~The summer day was cool and the sun beat down on both men as they relaxed at the river bank. Delirious sat near the river in his bright blue swimming trunks dipping his toes into the cold water as the other male wrapped an arm around his friend. "Cmon H20 get in!" Luke laughed as Delirious smiled and shook his head "hell no it's cold as fuck" the blue eyed man laughed but his laugh turned into a scream of surprise as Luke pushed Delirious into the cold water. "Its so cold! You fucker!" Delirious laughed as he splashed the cool water at Luke who jokingly did a high pitched scream which ended with laughter.

Its been a long painful couple of months but finally both Luke and Jonathan could relax without the fear of getting shot. Delirious paddled around as Luke sat in the water comfortably watching his close friend swim. But for some reason Luke felt uneasy. Maybe it was way the day was so quiet except for the sounds of splashing water or how a cold chill crept up Luke's back. Or maybe it was the haunting memories of screams, gunshots, blood stained hands, and teary eyes that plagued his mind. The bearded man darted his eyes around waiting for someone, anyone to pop out and attack him and his friend. His gun. Where was his gun? Luke stood up and turned on his heel swiftly his body feeling stiff as if he wasn't in control. He needed his gun to protect himself and Delirious. He couldn't let his friend die or get hurt again. "Cartoonz?" The voice asked as he opened his car door rummaging around for his weapon. "Cartoonz what are you doing?" His friend asked down from the river yet Luke ignored him still looking through his car. Under the seat? No. The glove compartment? Not there either. Maybe in his bag? It wasn't there. Luke slammed his car door shut and he turned to his blue eyed friend. "Luke I didn't bring it" Delirious sighs water droplets dripping down his body and splashing silently to the ground. Cartoonz put his hand to his face an uneven sigh leaving his lips as he looks to Delirious his face bloody and beaten. Luke looks to his friend in horror "Oh god Delirious.." Luke mumbles as he reaches to his friend only to be pushed away. "Luke why..." Delirious mutters. "Why didn't you save me? Why didn't you stop him?" Delirious cries out his face twisted and his voice angry.

"Why did you let him do this to me?" Delirious is screaming now and Luke just shuts his eyes at the sound of gunshots raining over. A sharp pain hitting him.

"Luke?" He feels a hand on his shoulder and he opens his eyes to see Delirious looking at him worriedly. "Jonathan.." Cartoonz whimpers as he skims over his clean and uncut face before hugging him. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" Luke cries as Delirious holds him. "It's okay man.." Delirious comforts him. After a while Luke pulls away to look his friend in the face and he sees Delirious smile sadly.

"Cmon let's change your bandages." Delirious says as he runs a finger over the gauze that covers Cartoonz right eye.

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