The love of a Chibi

see the life of a girl who gets bullied din middle school and imagines up a friend to get her through it. will she soon get to make some friends and maybe get notice from that cute boy who sits next to her in english class. Find out in The love of a Chibi.


1. First day of school

Today is the first day of 7th grade, I'm so excited. This year will be the year that I make some friends I just know it. I'm wearing my favorite black skinny jeans and my lucky cupcake shirt. I have my hair in a top bun with my diamond earrings in, theres no way I'm going to be friend less this year. 

"Dahlia don't forget about me."

"Chiwa I'd never forget about you." I say excitedly. Chiwa is my best friend he's helped me through so much. He's my little Chibi that I could never live without.

"Are you ready for your first day?" Chiwa asks. "Yep, I plan on making this year the year that I make lot's of friends." I say excitedly.

"Let's go then" Chiwa says happily. 

Chiwa and I walk into my middle school, Chiwa likes to sit on my shoulder so he can see better. I walk into the office to check in then head to my first class, english. I sit at my desk determine to start the first day off well. The teacher walks into the classroom once everyone is here and seated, she writes her name on the board and turns toward us and says "Hello class my name is Mrs. Alekintine I will be your english teacher from now on. It's nice to meet you all let's have a nice year this year." Mrs. Alekintine goes around taking attendance and she gets to the boy thats sitting right next to me.

"Donny?" she asks. "Here!" he says. I look over to Donny, he's really cute he must be new i've never seen him before. He looks at me and I blush, so does he. We both look away and the teacher calls my name.

"Dahlia?" she calls. "Here!" I say. Donny looks over to me, now he knows my name. The teacher finishs the attendance and starts talking.

"Ok class for today I'm going to hand you guys an assignment that you have to feel out about yourselves then you must pass it to the person to your left when done." Mrs. Alekintine explains. Wait that means Donny's gonna know more about me, I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. I fill out my worksheet and hand it to Donny while the person to my right hands me hers. So her name is Trina and she likes to play with her pet dog lily and hang with friends in her free time. I finish reading Trina's paper and hand it back to her. I look over at Donny and he seems to be very interested in my paper.

Chiwa whispers into my ear "Maybe he can't read." he says jokingly. I giggle and Donny looks at me and smiles and hands me my paper back. I blush and take my paper out of his hand. I wonder what he thought of me when he read my paper.

Soon the bell rings for our next class and mine is math. Math class goes by face before the lunch bell rings and i head down for lunch. The lunch room is filled with different people It's a little scary and overwhelming but I push the feeling down and walk to the lunch bar. I'm determined to make new friends so I won't let what happened last year ruin that. I get my lunch and go look for a seat, I see a table with a few girls so I head over there to sit down. I sit by one of the girls and she says "Sorry but this table is reserved for cool kids only" 

"Oh sorry." I get up and look for a new table but each table I went to seemed to be reserved. 

I could feel the tears coming I couldn't let anyone see so I skipped lunch and went to the bathroom calm down. It's ok you'll just try harder next time I told myself. I waited until lunch was over and went to my third class. It was my vocal class which was great now I can lose myself in the music and forget about my minor setback.

"It's ok Dahlia you don't need to worry about them you'll make new friends I'm sure of it." Chiwa said. "Thanks Chiwa i'm glad your here with me to help." I say relieved. The teacher walk in and hands us our music and we sing for the rest of class. Now that I feel better i'm ready for last period, I'll do better this time.

"I'll be here the whole time so don't worry your pretty little head." China says. I giggle and thank him. 

I walk into my P.E. class and get dressed in the locker room. As I was getting dressed the girls started to glare at me, I thought I was maybe wearing the wrong clothes so I looked down and they all laughed at me. They started whispering to each other and pointing at me while giggling. I didn't know what was wrong with me what did I do?

I hurry up and get dressed and join everyone else in the gym. The coach said we were going to play a game...Dodgeball. I have a bad feeling about this. The coach picks to captains and tell them to pick there players.

I remember this moment from last year, overtime we'd have to pick players I was always last. I start to get a sick feeling in my stomach as they start to pick there players. there's three of us left and i'm feeling sicker. oh no i'm going to get last again and everyone gonna laugh.

"I want Jilly." Boy team captain. Now there's only me and this really scrawny boy nest to me he looked like he never even touched a ball in his entire life. 

"I pick you the scrawny one." she says. " What no that leaves me with...her." he says like i'm the most disgusting thing on earth. The sick feeling is getting stronger, I can feel hot burning tears at the corner of my eyes.

"Dahlia don't cry i'm right here it's ok breathe." Chiwa tells me. I take a few short breaths and calm down. The coach snaps at them and I am forced to be on his team. He groans and makes a few jokes to his friend but I ignore them and carry on with the game. 

The game ends and my team won only because the other team acted like the ball I touched was disgusting so technically it wasn't really a game. I walked into the locker room and all the girls looked at me like I was the most disgusting thing in the world. I hurried up and got dress in the bathroom and headed to the hallway to be away from everyone when the bell rang I ran all the way home.

I walked into my house and my mother asks me how was school but I ignore her and run up to my room. I lock my door and lay on my bed. 

Later my mom knocks on my door to tell me dinners done but i never make it down.

"Dahlia you can't starve yourself, you have to eat." Chiwa says with concern. "I know Chiwa but all I want to do is be alone and get this day over with all ready." 

"Chiwa can I ask you something?" I ask. "Anything" Chiwa says.

"Why does everyone hate me?" China looked at me with sorrowful eyes. 

"They don't hat you Dahlia they see you as a threat."

"Why?" I ask. "Because your happy in your own little world." he explains.

"Why do they feel this way Chiwa?" I ask confused. " Because they don't see the world they way you do the way it's supposed to be seen. They see you as something thats supposed to make them feel better about themselves when in reality there making themselves feel worse and look disgusting to the rest of the world." Chiwa explains.

"Then should I stop being happy? Would that make them feel better about themselves? Would that make them like me?" 

"No you shouldn't it wouldn't help and even if it did it would be beneath you. You would lose respect from people and don't ever let yourself hurt because another wants you. You be happy no matter what don't let them get in your way." he says.

"Then what should I do to make them like me?"

"Just be yourself someone will come around one day and treat you the way you deserve to be treated." I wish it was that easy. "I wish people could see me like you do Chiwa." I say sadly.

"I know but there to busy in there anger and despair that they can't see the Dahlia that I do." Chiwa says lovingly. I'll keep hoping for that day because Chiwa told me. I know one day my dream will come true.


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