Another Weasley

What if there was another Weasley? What if Ron had a twin? What if Ron's twin stole the heart of Harry Potter and not Ginny?


1. Eating, again

"Ron! What are you doing?" I ask sliding open the door to the train seats.




"Of course you are!" I moan plopping down next to him and across from Harry.


"Six years at Hogwarts and your still eating every 2 seconds! Honestly I don't understand one bit" I complain watching him eat. I glance to the side to see Harry staring at me. 


"Have I got something on my face Harry?" 


"Uh... No" he replies shaking himself out of his daze.


"Bloody hell Audrey, what are you wearing?" Ron asks bewildered finally taking his eyes off his food. I roll my eyes.


"Honestly Ron it's almost as if you don't know what muggle clothes are" I joke as I look down at my skinny jeans and tank top.


"It's-" but Ron is cut off by Harry.


"I think you look splendid". I grin.

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