Hidden place


1. New chapter

Nicole go pack your luggage we leave in an hour my sister krista said.

"Krista I can't believe you I have to move from my house and leave all my friends just for you "

"Sorry not my fault that I'm famous"

"Darling you are not famous you just are going to an audition to very important role as a professional dancer and I can't believe you got the offer I work harder than you "

" how sweet you think you are better than me cute "

"Get out of my room"

Krista finally left and after I finished packing I went downstairs to get my pink floral dress and than I saw my mum making out with the grocery men.

" mum what are you doing??"

" get out of my house you duff "

A tear rolled down my cheek and went rushing to my room as soon as my mum grapes my hand

" honey it's not what it looks like "

" mum I am not a little girl any more you think that I don't know this stuff. "

" I am so sorry "

" mum I heard that before "

We put our luggages in our car and my mum started driving and krista made the whole trip even worst she was talking about her audition and that she was better than me.

" krista can you just stop talking about that audition, I have a lot of stress"

" your only stress is what men you are going out with on Saturday night I said "

Krista started laughing. And mum was very mad at me.

We finally arrived at our hotel and it was very dull inside.

I started to unpack my language and than krista started to take my dance clothes just because hers weren't in a good condition because she dosnt take care of the clothes.

" krista those are my clothes and I tried to get them and we were pulling and suddenly I let go and krista fell and she couldn't move her arm.

We went to the hospital and they did her her a cast because she broke it.

" mum what am I going to do about the audition "

" krista if you want I can go for you I said"

" they will notice "

" remember we are identical twin sisters"

" but I don't want you to go "

" why "

" because... I don't want you "

" your lost "

We went back to our hotel and my mum told us that she needed to get a drink so she went to the bar next to our hotel.

" krista why don't like me "

" Nicole of course I like you, you are my sister "

" than why don't you want me to go to your audition?"

" it's because I know that, that you are better than me "

" what ?? Are you serious "

Than Krista started crying and so did I.

Hi guys hope you like my first chap xxx

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