Dreaming Fury (Fairy Tail)

I drew that but I did use a base
Iasiya Lyricas is a young women who doesn't remember anything other than the nick name Fay and green hair. Iasiya set out to find who this person is and why people are looking for them.
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5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4 

Iasiya's pov

After the police came and arrested the guys. Amy, Hana and I sat down to eat. "So are you girls travelers?" Hana asked. "In a way, we've just started to travel" I answered. "Really most people don't come here unless their from the east and west." Hana asked. "We'er from Angeline, on the west boarder of Fiore." I answered. "Next to the boarder of the kingdom of Flowers, correct." He said with a sad smile. We both just nodded. Amy and I looked at each other. "I'm going to pick up some the things we need." She said as she stood up and picked up her dishes and taking them into the kitchen then out the door. We sat in awkward silence. "So you heard if the Flower kingdom, not many people around here seems to like that kingdom." I said. "Yeah ... actually I'm from there." He hesitated. "Really I heard its beautiful even when in the middle of war people still visit there." I said.

"Yeah it is me and mama moved here when I was still a teenager." He spoke with a small smile. "Wait you not a teenager? Look like your 16 or 17." I said loudly. He could be mistaken for a really tall 15 year old. "I'm 22 actually but I get told I look younger than I am." He said with a small blush. "But anyways I remember my kingdom was very beautiful, mama and I had a small cafe instead of an inn, we used flower leafs and petals to make the tea and sweets and we still do." He smiled, remembering. " Sounds nice, I'll make sure to visit the kingdom someday." I replied truthfully. He smiled shyly looking at the table. He looked up and stared for a moment. "Is something wrong?" I asked as I stared to feel uncomfortable as he stared. "Sorry, It's ... Just you look rather familiar. Perhaps I seen you before as I traveled to Angeline quit a bit this past year." He stated. "Maybe I didn't go out much this past year, ... somethings were going on and I didn't feel quit comfortable in town." I released. He went to say something as the door flew opened. "Hana!" A slightly familiar voice yelled.

Axcle? Whats wrong?" Hana asked quickly to the boy who was from earlier. "The edge of town.. two men got violent and sat it on fire... demanding the pink haired women. "Pink hair? The only person in town with pink hair is Iasiya." He stated. "Wait did these men have scars all over and look a like?" I asked standing up. The boy nodded and I walked to the doors. "Hana is their anyone in town with water magic?" I asked quickly. "No." He replied shaking his head. "Find Amy, She can use a bit, I'll go see what they want." I said pulling the door open fast. "What it could be dangerous" He practically yelled. "I'll be fine, just find Amy." I told him, he nodded and went out quickly. "Axcle right? Were are the ones that were with you earlier?" I asked. "Their heading to the lake on the other side of town" He informed me. "Alright go get Mrs. Iren and head there." I spoke then headed out.

I could smell the smoke from were I was and followed it were it was stronger. Not even 5 minutes later I saw the edge of town and saw the flames flying high from the buildings. How did two men do this? Unless their wizards. I thought. I soon saw the two men from yesterday. "WERE IS THE LIAR?!" One yelled. "Me?" I asked. The men glared with hatred. "YOU ACTUALLY SHOWED UP?" The other on yelled. "Now lets stop yelling and tell me why you set the town on fire." I demanded. "No one would help in this damn town so we had to take some measurements." One smirked. "Asshole." I mumbled. "I'm here, you wanted me now what do you want?" I retorted. "You know were the girl is dont you, liar." The green eyed one spoke. "I dont know were she is but I am looking for some one of the description in the picture." I answered. "Liar." The blue eyed one growled.


A/N: I need someone's help who has watch and or read Fairy Tail to help me know if I'm doing good, so If you have watch and or read Fairy Tail please comment if I'm doing good.

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