1. prologue

Once upon a time a mighty man ruled our land Pallhallow. With his wife and son by his side Pallhallow lived in peace and harmony. But as the son grew older he realised that he was going to be the next King. His mind got dark and he started to plan things for his coming kingdom. But the King saw what his son was planning and the night of his death he did the only thing to save his kingdom from his sons dark plans. He took the heart of the kingdom, a tiny piece of metal, and hid it a place only he knew. The son got so angry that he punish the people. Every time a person committed a crime they got send into the area the old King had hid the tiny peace of metal in as hunters. The hunter who find the heart would be granted with mounts of money. Then, many years later, the government decided to divide the country to 10 pieces. Now a days the richest live in 1 and the poorest live in 10. The citizens of area 1 volunteers to be hunters, when the citizens of 10 is scared to go outside because of the game. The game called "deathhunt".

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