Odd is the New Normal

Hogwarts isn't the only magic school, Harry Potter meets many witches and wizards in the Goblet of Fire. Well it just so happens there's one right here in the US. Things are a bit different especially for the new transfer student, Scarlet.


1. A New Begining

I listen to the train's low rumble as it bumps across the worn tracks. I don't have much to remember so I won't bore you with details. But I do remember my parents telling me we're moving to the US, I do remember saying goodbye to all my closest friends. The friends that I went through everything with. And now I have to start all over, at a school I don't know anything about, at a school with students I don't know anything about. But at least I won't be completely odd, because, as I learned four years ago on my first day at Hogwarts, odd is the new normal.

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