The Demon Hunters Shield Book One

Victoria Hyde unexpectedly had to leave behind her old life when she witnessed something otherworldly and strange, and also horrifying, at her best friends birthday party. She is led to a different world where demons, vampires and magic actually exist.


4. Chapter 4 - Taking Victoria.

Chapter Four:

Taking Victoria.

Part One -

     The eight foot high metal doors squeaked shut as Jason stormed through the almost magical mansion he and the others called home. The place they were, was like their headquarters. Jason needed to report back to Hagan that someone saw, someone knew.

'She didn't seem to understand. Neither did her friends. They know I killed those demons, but I don't think they buy the story. She was about to call the police.' Jason said, blankly. 

'So what's pissed you off?' Jaymica asked.

'The fact that they don't believe him, probably.' Drake said, smirking.

'This is actually quite serious.' Hagan said, and Drake's smirk faded rather quickly. 'Did you even try to explain? And how could she see them?'

'That's what I want to know. She said she saw them but has no idea what I'm talking about. I'm guessing her family have kept her from the truth all her life. Not told her about our world. I'm convinced it's in her blood. She's either one of them or one of us.'

'What was her name, Jason?' Hagan asked. 


'Then find her, and bring her here. We need to talk to her.'

Jason, Jaymica and Drake all left Hagan's study, which appeared to look much like a small library.

There had been bookshelves filled with thick books, a small table lamp giving off the only light in the room, and a big oak desk which Hagan sat behind on a creaky wooden chair. 'Time for a new one I think.' He'd said.

Walking down the hallway, with smiling faces from pictures of other demon hunters, and small wall sconces, barely lighting the way, Jaymica suddenly stopped. 'How did you know about her family?' She asked Jason.

'Does it matter? The point is, I know she's got some kind of powers... Whether they will help us or be against us, I don't know. All I know is we need to find out. She could be one of them in disguise, trying to trap us.' Jason said.

'Think you're reading way too into this.' Drake said, and Lushina appeared out of a small room to the left. 'Do you have to creep up on people?' He demanded.

'Sorry,' she smirked, 'But Jay is right. We need to be careful, but at the same time, we do need to talk to her... Again. Maybe bringing her here is a good idea.'

'How do you know Hagan suggested that? You weren't even there.' Drake looked confused. But Lushina gave him that "Do I really have to tell you?" look.

'People talk.' Was all she said.

Jason pushed his blond hair back out of his eyes. 'Time to rest first. And eat.' He said as he came to the kitchen door. They sat down to dinner discussing their tactics for slaying more demons, when Hagan reappeared.

'Focus on resting tonight guys. We'll sort this out tomorrow. But for tonight, I need to go to Servil.'

'Who?' Asked Drake.

'Well, how I am to you... He is to me. You do what I say and I do what he says.' Hagan explained.

'So he's kinda your boss then?' Drake asked. Hagan nodded.

'So what does Servil want you for?' Jason asked.

'He doesn't. I need to speak with him about this whole thing. A human saw you. Well someone we thought was a human until she admitted to being able to see the demons... Just want to make sure it's wise to bring her here, or whether we should go there.' And he turned around, and left. His long brown trench coat flapping about beside him. 'See you later.' He said.

'Why didn't he just send a message?' Lushina asked quietly as they watched Hagan leave. The others shrugged. 'Must be something else...'

'Anyway.' Drake said suddenly, 'I'm gonna go change. I have a training hour tonight with Alsop and Tria.'

'Don't you have a bit of a thing for Tria?' Lushina teased.

'No!' Drake shouted, and turned red at the cheeks. 'I gotta go.' He turned and left out the side doorway.

This led to the hallway leading him through the living area and to the long winding staircase. As he was making his way upstairs he grumbled to himself, 'A thing for Tria... Idiots.'

'He totally has a thing for Tria.' Jaymica laughed after Drake had disappeared upstairs. 'But he has just reminded me. I have a session in the morning at nine...' She groaned. 'Early mornings kill me.'

'Nine isn't early! Try 6 a.m training, like I used to!' Lushina argued. 'That was hell!'

'I can imagine! Luckily mines at two p.m.' Jason laughed. 'I get it easy!' He teased.

'Just wait till it all changes.' Lushina said. 'I might convince Tria to get you out of bed at six a.m.'

'That's just harsh.'

'You're just lazy!' Lushina laughed.

'Lazy?! I don't know how you dare!' Jason decided to drop into Hagan office on the way to his room, he opened the door, but Hagan was not there.

Jason checked all over the place, the large reception hall, all the little rooms hidden behind massive wooden doors as he walked through the entrance hallway, back to the kitchen and dining room. He even knocked on Hagan's bedroom door. He must have gone out, but where?

To get Victoria?


Part Two -

     The front door was slightly open. Was Aunt Krissi here? Aunt Kathline? And what about Dylan? Victoria, closely followed by Amber and Gareth, went through the front door, with more bravery than they thought they had. 

Wanting to make this quick, Victoria went straight upstairs to pack a suitcase and a few bags. Gareth insisted that she should stay at his place for a few nights a week, then stay with Amber for a few nights. 'It would make it a little harder for them to find you.' He explained.

She closed the bedroom door behind them and they all helped pack clothes, shoes and toiletries and important things, dear to Victoria, into bags. Also she took a collection of DVD's and CD's and books. On their way back down the stairs they noticed the front door was now blocked...

By a pale, thin, eyeless thing. It's skin was shiny, and it looked almost reptilian, but there it stood with two legs, and two arms looking almost human. The three of them froze in fear and shock. The thing by the front door raised a long nailed finger out towards Victoria.

'Don't go near it!' Gareth hissed.

'I wasn't planning on it.' Victoria whispered back. Amber just stood, staring at this thing in front of them.

'It looks like that something that Jason killed down that alleyway. Except those had eyes. But like he said, they can change their appearance.'

During all this time, the thing had not moved at all... until now.

It suddenly dashed for Victoria, taking her in its slimy looking arms so quickly that Gareth and Amber couldn't do anything about it. It went past them and darted into the bathroom, with Amber and Gareth only a few seconds behind, but when they opened the door, the bathroom was empty....


Part Three -

     Jason needed to explain to Victoria what he meant. The only problem was finding her. He knew where she lived, but would she be home? He pulled out a rod, metal and glowing. But unlike the girls' lilac glowing ones, this one was glowing an icy blue colour in this dark bedroom.

The light really is terrible in here. The windows are so small. He realized as his wand was lighting up the room.

He closed his eyes and drew a pattern in the air with this wand. It left a trail, pale blue, as he moved along to the next shape. After criss-crossing here and there, swirling the wand around, there appeared a blue light, darker than the glow, and after a second or two, Jason disappeared.

Arriving safely on a park not only five minutes away from where Victoria lived, Jason landed rather gracefully for such a clumsy young man. He sighed in relief. 'No accidents this time.' He breathed to himself.

I'm getting better at this, he thought. He quickly put his wand away, before anyone saw it, and started walking in the direction of Victoria's house.

As he approached, he saw Amber and Gareth on the garden of Victoria's house, looking both scared and panicked. He jogged over to them before they got back in their truck , the sense that something was terribly wrong slowly washing over him as he got closer. 

'What's up?'

'She's gone...' Amber said, sobbing. 'Something took Victoria...'

'What do you mean someone took her?!' Jason stuttered.

'Not some-one... some-thing!' Gareth corrected Jason.

Next: Chapter 5- The Demon Angel.

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