Caught on The Moon

Chosen as one of the twenty six representatives, Bella Lourie wasn't a happy camper. Then there was the prince and the other representative who had a terrible temper. Was it to choose the one with a different social status or to love someone worlds apart. But, she knew, he loved her most.


1. One


As soon as Bella had stepped off the train from Spencer into Altaria, she saw the world through a new pair of glasses. She loved everything; from the coffee shops on every corner to the way people talk with such flavor. It had been a dream for her, a college transfer student, to be picked as one of the twenty-six representatives. Four representatives would be sent to each of the Six Kingdoms to spread Spencerarian culture. Her fellow representatives for that matter weren't all that delightful. The other girl there, Luna Markfield, only had talked about how handsome she had found Altaria's crown prince, Sebastian Phillip, and how he needed to wed to redeem the crown as King. She hadn't talked to the guys that much, catching only their first names, Leonardo and Benjamin. Both were very handsome, but Leonardo had a mysterious aura to him that Bella didn't want to meddle with.

Her thoughts soon were interrupted when the driver had called out, "Five minutes till Altaria Villa!" Bella seemed a bit rejoiced about this, for she couldn't stand to hear another word about how Prince Sebastian's nose was 'perfect'. She began to pack her stuff and was met eye to eye with Benjamin. He gave her a friendly smile, and she returned it, having a warm feeling in her heart. "What was your name again?" He asks, putting his satchel onto the seat. "Isabella Volander, but I don't mind you calling me Bella. Benjamin, right?" He nodded, "I prefer Ben." Before she could respond, the car stopped. "Altaria Villa!" The driver yells with excitement, even though probably he's been there thousands of times.

It had looked as he had tried to say something else, but stopped himself as he went to go open the car door for her. Ben grabbed her hand and before she could protest, he had linked her arms with his and grabbed her bag. "It's only proper if I escorted a lady in, isn't it?" He whispers into her ear sweetly. "I guess so," she says taking notice of all the soldiers lined up. Paparazzi had also made an appearance, for camera's shuttered, blinding everyone's sight. At that point of time, Bella had begun to rely on Benjamin to lead her into the castle. Leonardo must've copied Benjamin's actions; for you could hear him groaning loudly as Luna had babbled on about how she wanted to pose for the camera. Benjamin chuckled as they took the final steps into the castle.

The castle was absolutely gorgeous, with its murals of flowers and so aligned every corner. Bella never imagined something so gorgeous, for that was her opinion. Leonardo seems a bit unimpressed as he walked in, quickly letting go of Luna's grip, which persisted to stay on. As the four had gazed around, an elegant looking man then met them. "Welcome to Altaria Villa! I am Edward, the personal butler to the Phillip's. If you have any questions, I do insist you call me over the intercoms in your rooms. Prince Sebastian will be-," a cheery voice then called out, "Welcome!" 

All of the attention was then turned to the prince walking over, for Luna had confirmed that it was him when she had let out a scream. He had begun to shake everyone's hand for when he had came to Bella, he had gotten on his knee and kissed Bella's hand. Flustered, she stumbled, "W-what are you doing?" He chuckled, "Don't people do this as a greeting in your country?" He propped himself up, and gave everyone a huge smile, "Welcome to Altaria! My home is yours, for I personally will show you the representative housing! If you'll follow me!"

Yet, a strong hate was developed inside another.


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