More than I can ever say

I cannot say much. Paper and pens can speak better than my lips, but I love you, I cherish our time, I thank God for you. I hope you get it, I hope you do, and know, I love you.


1. Where?

Where can I start, upon entering the world?

I thank you for helping me to thrive, from birth until now 

I thank you teaching me that it's okay to laugh, and it's okay to cry 

I would ask you, "why?" I never understood, sometimes I still don't know why

You would reassure me and promise me better times, and I was doubtful and had fears

I've seen the proof, I know you're right, I will follow your word for years and years 

I hated the days, when I wasn't myself, but you were always yourself, you were and are there

I know I was difficult, I know we all are, yet for some reason you stuck with me, even when I wouldn't leave your hair

Then, this thing that seems like a boulder blocking the exit, seems like a boulder pounding on me

I felt trapped, what was happening, why was life spinning, spinning down hill and becoming harder?

You must have felt the same way, but managed to break down my walls and rescue me from the sadness

Times were tough, we will always remember. I will always remember you teaching me that it was okay to cry

I remember you teaching me how to laugh again, how to move past and to understand now, why 

I can never thank you enough for what you've done, I try and I wish, and I pray for your safety

I laugh, and I am so successful now, but it is because of you, you I owe it all to

What more can I ask for, a friend, a parent, a guide, a smile, a motivator

Do you wonder why I sometimes worry about how you think? 

It's because you mean so much to me that it hurts me when you're upset, the thought of losing your pride in me is my fear, you have taught me that failures never come, they are just passings and times

You say it's just a blip in the road, and you push my feet back up, you raise me up 

What you do for me is more than I can ever say, more than I could have ever asked for 

I am afraid a lot, I do think about the future and I know there are big things

When I feel scared, I look ahead to the times that will be better

I am so grateful for your love, your friendship, and your journies through both heaven and more with me

You have given me more than I can ever say, and I want you to know, I thank you

And I love you 

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