The way the wind blows

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  • Published: 25 Mar 2016
  • Updated: 25 Mar 2016
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I can't wish for more. They struggle more than I do.

This was a story written a few months ago by me!


2. The moment of truth

    As I fly around the corners of the street, I almost knock over the mail man. "Did a letter come, addressed to Lexi Johnson, that's me! Did it come yet?" I practically shout in his ear. "Uh, there is a letter here" he says, and hands be an envelope. I am shaking now, trembling with adrenaline, but nerves. I rip open the letter, ripping it in the process. It reads
 "Thanks so much for auditioning, it was a hard choice, but we have chosen Amandy Anderson for our lead"
Then there are lists of cast and crew, I can't find my name. I re-read the letter 8 times, nothing. My body deflates, the visions of my on stage and smiling fades. I start to cry, and I run inside. I throw the letter down and again, I yell "WHY me?" 
I am so mad, my dreams are basically  shattered. 

    I run out of the house, I fly down to the ocean. Living by the ocean is my escape, I can scream and no one will hear me, my anger won't be heard. I yell, I stomp, I am losing it. Then I see a family of a mom, a dad, and two kids sitting there. "The ocean is so blue" the little girl says and the boy agrees. "When can we come again" the girl asks, and the parents say they don't know. I realize this is the first time they've been to the ocean, and I am shocked, I can't imagine not having my place to relax, and I feel bad almost.  I hear the mom say that they don't have the money, and when the boy asks when they are going home, the dad says he doesn't know. "We just don't have enough gas money, so we can't leave!" he sighs. The kids go into hysterics "WHAT? We aren't leaving?!" they get upset. I am shocked, here I was whining about not getting a play, and having homework, and these kids can't even go home. I am soon angry with myself, and am shocked that I had such a first world problem. I then run to the shore. 

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