The choice

Ruby likes calum alot.what will happen when calum asked her out and she finds out that her friend emily also likes him.


7. the suprise

After calum dropped her to her house to get changed. She wanted to look go for calum. So she put on a black veil brides shirt with some shorts and vans. Ruby mom wasnt home she called her mom many times so ruby left her a note:"mom went to get some ice cream with cal and we won the game". She walked out side to me calum and went to het some ice cream. 10 mins later. Cal and ruby were eating their ice cream when cal needed to tell her something.

Cal: Ruby i need to ask u this before but u were to busy so now i am telling u.

Ruby: what do u mean

Cal: okay i can do this

Ruby: what is it

Cal: i am going out with kelly ur best friend are u ok with it

Ruby: (stood their in sock) yeah it okay (and walked away)

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