Wings of Freedom (Eren x Levi)

He feel in love with his solider....but was it all worth it in the end? Or just another heart brake?


19. The walls are under attack

Eren's pov:

We were outside the walls and it was a new day. Their were titan's every where and knew that not all of us would make it back alive but still we have to keep fighting for our freedom. Levi looked at me and nodded in approval and I jumped off my horse and started to run getting them to follow me as I bite my hand but nothing happened. My powers where gone and I was on my own. "Shit.." I said as I kept running for my life but the titan's where slowly catching up to me. "At leas the others will be safe...." I said as I ran into the forest hoping to slow them down and make some distance between us. The titan's just closer and closer to me and I knew their was no point I was a goner. Soon every thing went black and I could hear a voice calling out to me in the distance. "Levi..." I said softly smiling at the sight of him.

Levi's pov:

"Why isnt Jaeger back yet!" I screamed at someone else who shrugged. "All of you head back to the walls I'm getting Jaeger." I rod back to where I last saw him. "Eren!" I screamed when I saw him lifeless on the ground covered in blood and bite marks. "Eren please wake up!" he looked at me weakly. "Levi..." I nodded tears falling down my face now. He smiled and reached a bloody hand up to my face to wipe away my tears. "I'm sorry....I can't change...into a...titan anymore..." I shook my head not caring about that. "Levi...I....l-l-love..." his eyes closed before he could finish his words. "No Eren! Please wake up!" I pulled him on to my lap and tried to shake him to wake him up but nothing worked. His body layed limp and lifeless in my body though.

I picked up Eren and brought him back inside the walls."I won't let you die on me!" I screamed as I noticed that he was just barley breathing. Their was still hope that I could save him and I was going to hold on to it. "I love you you can't die..."

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