Wings of Freedom (Eren x Levi)

He feel in love with his solider....but was it all worth it in the end? Or just another heart brake?


21. Alone with the sea

Levi's pov:

I rushed Eren to the hospital holding his hand that was losing life faster and faster by the minute. "Did I do it....Levi..." He asked me weakly and I smiled at him through tears. " did it eren. Now you need to get better so we can go see the ocean together." I said to him and they took his away. I sat out side waiting for some one to tell me that he was going to make it. A doctor came out covered in blood and walked over to as I stood up. "Are you Levi Ackerman?" he asked and I nodded. "Yes is he okay?" I asked. The doctor gave me a sad look and shook his head. "You can say your good byes in room 214." He said and walked away. I shook my head not wanting to believe him and ran off to the room and saw Eren laying in bed with wires hooked up to him. He was awake and I smiled rushing over to him.

I rushed over to him in tears but smiling. "Eren your okay!" I said with a smile and shook his head. "Sorry Levi...I can't go to see the sea with you....Tell me what it's like okay?" He smiled at me cutely like he did so many times. I looked at him and then I noticed I wasn't actually talking to him it was in my head. Eren layed their now lifeless and dead in the bed. I fell to my knees and cried for hours over his body begging for him to wake up.

*3 weeks later*

I took eren's body out to the ocean and sat by the beach with his head in my lap. "We made it eren...It's so beautiful really. Its so big and blue and you can hear the birds signing." I smiled through tears down at him as I held his lifeless body in my arms and then got up and started to walk into the sea. "I'll see you again soon Eren real soon..." I said and layed his body down in the sea and watched as it took him in a blanket. "I love you Eren....." I said in tears and took out my ring putting it on his finger before he was out of sight. "Hey eren....I wanted to ask you....would you marry me...?" I asked wiping away my tears that just kept falling down my face. Then I felt a warm feeling behind me as if someone was wrapping their arms around me. Someone whispered in my ear. "yes...." I turned around and looked up hoping to see Eren's smiling face but instead I saw Hanji was waiting for me on the beach. "Good bye Eren...."

The End


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