One big family


1. Future husband!?

I wake up by Brandon kissing me on my chin, "good morning honey Bee" I smile at him " I love you Brandon" he kisses me for a long time on my lips "I love you more". He gets up "I gotta go take a shower", "see you in school" I say. He blows a kiss at me and walk out the door. It was hard in the start for my mother but she seems to have accepted it.

My mother knocks on the door, "Becka may I come in? Are you dressed?", "well no I'm not but I'm under a blanket so come in". My mother enters the room, "sweetheart you know I love Brandon as my son, but I do not think that he will stick with you when he knows the truth.." I got so mad, how could she say that? Brandon is the sweetest guy I've ever dated, and I am sure that he is my future husband. "Get out now!!" I yelled at my mother.

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