Shimae Aora

Two girls created in a world of fangs, blood, claws, scales and tails. Separated and caught between the powers of good and evil that they both posses in their hands. That will change what they really think of the world.


1. The Start of death

 In my world within there's only life and death. Two of the things we all fear. But that will never disappear. My life its like pieces of glass shattered, like me. But lets not get ahead. It all started on October 30, 2016 before Halloween and before my 17th birthday. The time was 11:00 pm almost midnight. I Am in my room drawing a person a women I always see in my dreams ,shes so beautiful like no other. 

I always draw her before going to bed"BOOM Pa!", "Uh what was that?, Aria go hide I said shes my cat shes dark,fluffy with green eyes.

 Three seconds pass and in my hands am holding a bat. I knew that whatever made that noise was close. "Hey Nadia!" Wu.. Ahhh! Wait don't hit me said Mimi." Oh god it's you Mimi". You Scared the Heck Out of Me.Why do you always go through the window I said."I don't I am just used it".Why does Aria always hiss at me.I feel like Aria has a Grudge on me said Mimi looking at the cat.

 "Mimi don't change the subject. you know dad said stop going through windows or your really gonna get hurt" I said."Nah only when he's here.But he's not "said Mimi. Just so you know Mimi Vardos she's my Best friend, She's 16 years old and She's from California. She moved new to my town like two year's ago. She's Preppy,energetic,funny,A coward sometimes. But most of all very clever and also stupidly curious. That's her only flaw curiosity. "Any ways how do you know he's not here?" I Asked.

"Sheriff White is investigating about a half dead body they found.But now their looking for the other half". "Uuuu", I wanna see how it looks come on Nadia come with me please.....said Mimi.

"No no no no,"Mimi remember what happen last time you wanted to see something, In 8th grade you burned down the science lab room" I said.

"Actually it was half of the room"said Mimi.

"Really smarty...fine I give up, But what if my dad sees us?" I asked.

"I will cover for you okay"said Mimi.

"Okay lets go"I said.

We went walking out of my house and into the forest.

"Yes I finally get see a dead body"said Mimi excited.

"I don't but you do, your crazy Mimi" I said.

"Oh"... did you hear that Nadia said Mimi stopping her steps.

" I said scared.

We ran and got caught up with  my dad. But only Mimi got caught though. I was hiding behind a tree.

"What are you doing out here Mimi?" asked Sheriff White.

" Sheriff White I was just walking"replied Mimi.

"Out here in the dark cold forest" said Sheriff White.

"Yes I like dark places replied Mimi(Mimi lied she hates dark places)

"Oh dint know that about you, anyways is Nadia out here with you? asked Sheriff White.

NADIA!...NADIA!..NADIA!, you out there? screamed Sheriff White.

"No sir Nadia its in her house sleeping"Mimi said nervous.

"She better be, you guys have a new semester tomorrow And lets take you back to your moms okay you drive her crazy"said Sheriff White.

I saw Mimi's face scared.And with a I am sorry I had to leave you look.Well you met my dad John White.But people mostly call my dad Mr.White.Hes so serious and strict some times. Great now I am alone in a dark forest.Gotta get back home. Walking back home, I hear like fast movements like wind but louder. I started to see something black.I start to run feeling very scared.

Next thing you know, I feel a man with long nails behind me.I knew he had long nails because they spearing their way into my shoulder.

"Ahhhh!"{sniffs}... you feel like death he whispers in my hear.

"Ahhhh!, no don't touch me I said pushing him I ran as fast as I could.

So I ran back home scared.But It felt like a rush in my body.Like if a dark button got turned on inside of me.It felt like my heart was not connected to me anymore.When i got to my room I notice a ring in my hand. It is black and red with letter B on it and it kinda looked like a expensive ring.I started thinking maybe hes the killer or a thief either way bad.  so tired gotta sleep for school tomorrow.Oh right I forgot I have specials in art class tomorrow right.



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