Adapt and Recover

"Adapt and Recover" which tells about two boys growing up in the 1970's in which was still known as the Ridges Estate. Michael and Lizzy Fox live in Oakwood Avenue they have friends who live across the road; Connie and Bob Harris. Both of their sons Roger and Ronnie play together and go to the same school. Infact they are inseparable. This story takes you through their childhood together and their desire to be Royal Marine Commandos after Lizzy, Rogers mother buys Roger an Action man toy for Christmas. As young boys they join the Army Cadets until they reach the age of eighteen where they sign up to take on the hardest training regime in the world. see the boys grow into men as they are sent to fight in the Gulf War in 1991. This is a story of friendship and comradery. one that will last a lifetime.


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The biological approach argued that the focus was on genetics like the colour of eyes, skin, and hormonal changes plus the neuro- chemical balance in the brain. Everyone has a genetic code. Psychoanalysts argued that it was innate sexual drives during adolescence and social upbringing during childhood. Then there was the cognitive theory who stated that innate mental structures, schemas, perception, and memory change caused by the environment were responsible. The humanists stated that it basic human requirement based on society and influences based on conceptual ideas from oneself. The Behaviourists argued that all behaviour is learned from the environment through conditioning. Bowl by’s theory of attachment 1969 bonding between mother and child being innate but Freud argued that aggression was an innate drive called(Thantos) Bandura 1977 said social learning from the environment through observation and imitation was responsible. Another theory from Skinner said that he believed that language is learned from other people via behavioural shaping techniques.

Francis Galton 19th century theorists argued that ethnic cultures differed in intelligence. He stated that 80% of black people were less intelligent than white people. His I.Q. tests supported this claim. Arthur Jenson stated that 80% of intelligence was inherent. There were some who argued that a person who came from a privileged background were more likely to have more intelligence than those with a less privileged background.

Roger came to the conclusion that the nature nurture debate could not be separated as it was impossible to be swayed either one way or the other.

He printed off his assignment; got undressed, and went to bed.

It had been an eventful evening and he was really getting into this subject which he found fascinating.

Since the nationalisation of the shipyards in 1977 Michael Fox had continued to work. There had been thirty six shipbuilding yards six engineering plant and six marine engine works. British shipbuilders accounted for 97% of all ships being built but only 50% of ships being repaired since the contract to build the Ark Royal in 1985 work was drying up at the Neptune Yard. It would only be a matter of time before there would be pay offs so Michael put his feelers out and he heard of a contract coming up at Swan Hunter. He had a word with Willy Teleford who he knew was working there and had said that there might be a chance to get in again working along side his old mates again. Michael said to let him know when the new contract was coming up and he would have words with his boss.’


Six months later the news came that he was going to be paid off. He quickly went to Swans and enquired about the possibility of getting work and was told that he could start once he’d finished at the Neptune Yard. He told Lizzy that he was going back to Swans again. There was a spring in his step as he went to the Robin Hood that night. He told his mates that he was back. By end of 1987 the Neptune Yard was in trouble and Michael heard that they only had work for another six months at the most. The yard was going into receivership. Yards were closing rapidly all over the country as the work dried up. When Michael started for Swans again they had a contract to build two merchant ships and a conversion of another which would keep him in work for at least two years. 

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