Adapt and Recover

"Adapt and Recover" which tells about two boys growing up in the 1970's in which was still known as the Ridges Estate. Michael and Lizzy Fox live in Oakwood Avenue they have friends who live across the road; Connie and Bob Harris. Both of their sons Roger and Ronnie play together and go to the same school. Infact they are inseparable. This story takes you through their childhood together and their desire to be Royal Marine Commandos after Lizzy, Rogers mother buys Roger an Action man toy for Christmas. As young boys they join the Army Cadets until they reach the age of eighteen where they sign up to take on the hardest training regime in the world. see the boys grow into men as they are sent to fight in the Gulf War in 1991. This is a story of friendship and comradery. one that will last a lifetime.


39. 39

Roger opened the packets then poured them into the mugs and stirred them with a spoon then passed them to Ann and Ronnie.

He then handed Barbara her tea and she sipped on it.

“She gave Roger half of her baguette because she said that it was too much for her to eat. Roger thanked her then chewed on his first sandwich.

“You are still coming tomorrow night then said Barbara?

“Yes of course; what makes you think that we wouldn’t?

“I don’t know maybe because it’s in a pub.’

“Ronnie and I do not drink but it won’t stop us enjoying a coke and a dance.’

“So are you a good dancer Roger?

“My mother says I am but you will have to tell me.’

“Have you never danced with a girl before?’

“I’ve never been out with a girl before and neither has Ronnie.’

“Why is that?’

“I guess we weren’t interested in girls then.’

“And now?

“I can definitely say that I’m interested now.’

“That’s good I was worried when Ronnie came in smelling like you know, a gay guy.’

“You should have smelt him earlier he laughed.’

Barbara grabbed him by the hand and squeezed it.

Anyone for more tea asked Roger as he poured himself another cup but Ronnie was lost in conversation with Ann and they were sitting really close together now.

He added sugar then some milk.

“I see you like your tea, yes I’m afraid I do; my father has a massive pot and mine is only half the size so I fill it up twice.’

“Funny that so does mine.’

“What does your father do?’

“He’s a riveter in the shipyard, and yours?

“My father is a postman; he’s worked for Royal Mail for over twenty five years.’

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