Hope is a shy, yet generous girl.
Harry is a popular, friendly boy.

Meeting together in Africa brings the two together. What will happen to them both?


6. Chapter 4

Harrys POV

Today has been fun. Me and Niall went to the poolside bar once we had finished unpacking. I had taken great photos as well.

Earlier, I had posted a picture on my Instagram. I wonder whether the girl has commented.

"Harry?" Niall asks interrupting my thoughts. We are now sitting on the balcony, watching the sunset.

"Huh?" I reply.

"I said, today's had been good" Niall says, sounding slightly annoyed.

"Yeah" I reply bluntly.

"It's such a nice hotel. So quiet and peaceful. I can't wait for tomorrow! I love helping other people. In so glad we've been given this opportunity." Niall blabs on.

"Harry? HARRY?!" Niall shouts.

"What, yeah. Sorry, I'm a little jet lagged." I apologise. The sky is now a deep pink fading into purple.

"I gathered" Niall says disapprovingly.

"I think I'm going to bed. Catch up on some sleep." I state, and with that, I go back into our hotel room.

Me and Niall share a luxury room. It has a bathroom with a walk in shower and a jacuzzi bath. It has a walk in wardrobe, that we are unable to fill, even with our clothes put together! Our beds are lush. Niall has one by the balcony. King size bed, of course. Mine however is in the corner of the room. It has another room where you will find a tv with a sofa (couch) which can also pull out into a bed.

Louis and Liam share a room next door and then on the end is Zayn. Zayn has been feeling a little distant lately so we let him have his own room.

I walk over to my bed and take my phone out of my pocket. I quickly check through my social media. I decide to check on my Instagram last.

I look at the picture I posted earlier. The girl has commented!

@hope.xx: omg! That's me on the sunbed :)

Wow! She's in the same hotel as me. I decide to reply.

@harrystyles: thats so cool @hope.xx maybe I'll c u at breakfast ;)

Comments start pouring in. But none of them are from the girl. I strip down to my boxers and get into bed. I'm about to turn off the lamp by my bed when I see Niall padding across the tiled floor.

"Night nialler" I say.

"Night, Haz" he replies.

I turn off the lamp. I find myself drifting to sleep very quickly as the day fades into night.

Hope's POV

I wake up feeling really hot. I realise I'm not in England anymore and I'm in Africa!

I get up and stroll over to the balcony doors. Just in time. I open them and take a seat.

At home I always watch the sun set and rise whenever I can. I find it so calming. It just helps me clear my head from stress and unwanted thoughts.

The sun is rising over in the distance. The sky is bursting with colours. Orange, yellow and other warm shades. Birds fly over in the distance and I can see the pool water glistening in the sunlight.

I know today is going to be hot. So I go back into my room and change into something sensible.

I pick out a floral, flow top that ends at my waist and some white shorts. I wear sandals on my feet.

I text my dad, making sure that he's up.

( H- hope D-dad)

H- hi. I'm awake and dressed. What time are you heading down for breakfast?

D- I'm already on my way to breakfast. I'll c u down there?

H- of course xx

*end of convo*

I grab my sunglasses from the side and put them on. I slip my phone and room keys into a small bag and make my way over to breakfast.

When I finally find the breakfast room I spit my dad in the corner, already munching on something. He waves me over.

"Good morning" I grunt.

"Oh no, not happy this morning?" Dad says.

"Nope, just hungry." He chuckles and I put my bag down. I then head over to the breakfast bar.

I look over the table at the range of foods. At on end of the long table are sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, hash browns, beans,omelettes and pancakes. Next to that is a toaster with a basket of bread beside it. There's also a basket full of different jams and various toppings. Then there is a whole selection of different cereals. Cocoa pops to fruit loops. Lastly there's a massive bowl of chopped fruit with different yogurts placed beside the bowl.

I hear a low chuckle beside me.

"So much to choose from huh?" Says a husky, masculine voice.

"Ugh, tell me about it." I reply. I look over to see who I'm talking to. Green eyes stare at me, a short haircut stands out and a cheeky smile planted on his face. This isn't just any young adult. This is Liam, bloody Payne!

I gape and my eyes widen.

"Close your mouth, you'll catch flies." Liam says cheekily.

"Right, erm, sorry." I reply shyly.

"Your saying sorry, for opening your mouth?" He questions. We laugh.

"Yeah I guess so."

I grab a bowl and fill it with a variety of fruits. Liam fills his plate with an English breakfast.

"Alright mate" I hear another voice from behind. Liam turns around.

It's Harry! "Yeah,yeah. Just talking to my new friend," he pauses.

"Hope" I finish for him.

"So you're hope!" Harry exclaims. A few people turn around and look. I feel my cheeks burn.

"Um, yes" I say.

"This is awesome." Harry says. He sticks his hand out for me to shake. I gladly take it.

"Harry styles." He says.

"I know." I giggle.

"What are you doing today?" Harry asks.

"Oh I'm actually going out with my dad to help families in need. For sports relief." I answer.

"That's such a coincidence, so are we. Are you being broadcasted?" Liam asks.

"Yes." I say quickly in excitement.

"Same!" The boys shout at the same time.

"I guess I'll see you then." I state.

"Yes. Can't wait." Harry says. His face then starts to go a shade of pink.

"aww, Harry's go a c-" Liam begins.

"SHUT UP!" Harry shouts.

"Okay, I'll just go." I say and I swivel on my heel and go back to the table to eat my breakfast.

"Made friends?" My dad questions.

"Mhmm" I mumble as I devour my fruit.

Harry's POV

"Dude, you just blew my chance." I say angrily.

"Sorry." Liam shrugs and walks back to the table.

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