Saved but at what cost?

Luna is a teenage witch who has to hide from a world of magic. Magix users have been accepted but not witches. What happens when she meets the love of her life? Will she push him away or will she accept her feelings?

Minecraft diaries fanfic :3


1. Chapter One

-Luna's POV-

I was on my broom stick on my way to music camp. I go every year I can and I love it so much. Ever since I was little I have always been able to just pick up an instrument and be able to play it perfectly. It might be because I'm a witch but I don't know. I sit there and play with the moon charm that is around my neck, I've had it since the day I was left on my dad's front porch, seeing as I has the pendant around my neck he named me Luna. The broom ride was eight long hours and when we finally got there I was so happy to be there it was like a second home to me. Music has always been my escape from reality. I was walking to the girls dorm when I ran into someone causing me to drop one of my suitcases (btw this thing lasts for three months). When the suitcase fell it almost popped open but I quickly cast an unnoticeable spell that would make it stay shut. I looked up to give the guy a piece of my mind he spoke first "oh my god I'm so sorry are you okay???" He's cute. Wait hold up Luna you remember what happened last time you opened up. "I'm fine but you should watch where your going next time" I said coldly. I always hate being a bitch but if I don't then I'll open up and be a target for destruction. I can't have that happen again.



This is what the pendant looks like.....


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