My Own Best friend

a poem about loneliness


1. My Own Best Friend

there is no friend i've got in this world

who i trust more than me

none whose secrets i share

none who shows me more care 

towards my own happiness than me


the dynamic duo of myself and i

we truly are one of a kind

never in my life will ever see

another close friend more loyal to me

so honestly, i'm never truly alone


why yes, it's true that half the time

i talk to myself, and that's just fine

because i always have the most

entertaining conversations

and i never disagree with myself


i could talk for hours

about the same over-spoken topic

and i, myself is never bored

i am never completely ignored

for i, myself, am my own company


most of the few who speak to me

don't see my face when we converse

i, myself, will hear me true

i, myself, am always patient

because i listen and i am heard


it's impossible to talk to others

because they rarely talk to me

i say a word, i say it again, i say it again

and my words' meaning is dead

that's the impossible task of socializing


barely, the company of others 

grants my wish for satisfaction

me, myself, is all i need

to escape depressive fits

my thoughts are my camaraderie 


i truly am my own best friend 

nobody will ever see

what's in my pathetic mind but me

no one else will ask me

no one asks me anything





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