His Girl

4 years after Damon Salvatore had passed away, Elena Gilbert stopped looking for solutions to bring him back. She stopped believing that there was hope she'd see him again. The first year was hard, but it became easier. After four years, she finally moved on until the feeling of deja vu washes over her.


11. Ten. Deja Vu

After graduating from Whitmore, I’m glad I can finally sleep in my own bed. This fall I’ll be going to Medical school, which meant that I won’t be seeing my friends as often as I would like. The summer is all I have to spend time with them before I go back to school.

Matt and I have been dating for two years now. The fact that I haven’t thought about dating him again since high school surprised me. With Jeremy in college, Alaric now has the house all to himself. From time to time, I stop by for a visit because I honestly missed having conversations with him.

In some aspects, he was a lot like family. He always kept a close watch on Jeremy and I while he had dated Aunt Jenna before she passed. He cared a lot about the two of us. We wouldn’t be here without him.

One night as I was driving home from work, there had been someone in the middle of the road. I swerved to avoid them, but instead, my car had gone off the shoulder. It overturned at least twice, so the roof of the car was on the ground.

The person approached my car, but my seatbelt was locked. Frantic, I tugged and tried to unbuckle it. The seatbelt wouldn’t budge. Closer and closer he came that I was close to screaming. When I did, the dark figure went away.

It was odd yes, but then someone else appeared before me. It was the masked guy at the party, except he had no mask. It was dark outside, so I couldn’t get a clear shot of his face. “Are you alright?” he asked.

“I- I think so.” I said, but the blood was rushing to my head. I guess I’m not thinking straight. The guy pulled the door off the hinges. I told him that my seatbelt was locked. He reached over and pulled it off of me with great strength.

Eventually he helped me out of the car and held me in his arms. “I’m going to bring you somewhere safe.” said he. I was starting to feel lightheaded and passed out in his arms. When I came to, I found myself in a car. Immediately I sat up to figure out where I was.

The guy looked over at me with his blue eyes. It was daytime already? I brought my hand up to my head. How long was I out? “Where am I?” I asked him. In the daylight, his eyes shone a bright blue. He replied to me that we were headed to Atlanta.

I told him that I might have some serious head trauma and should be checked in at the hospital. “You need to live a little.” said he. “I hate to tell you this, but you look like someone I know.”


He shrugged, “Some girl who’s not all that important at the moment. Right now, you are top priority.”

“I have to go back home to Matt.”

“Your boyfriend, right? Oh c’mon, I think you’ve lived in Mystic Falls for far too long. Don’t you want to go and explore?”

“Why would I go anywhere with you?” Suddenly, he stopped the car near the side of the road. He turned to face me. His eyes glanced down at my necklace. Was he trying to attempt something? I wasn’t so sure. I couldn’t read his actions.

“One day is all I’m asking. Just spend this one day with me, and I’ll take you back home to your boyfriend.” I don’t even know this guy, but I felt like I could trust him. I nod anyway and he continued on down the highway.

We arrived at a local bar, where we were served a few drinks. Something about this place seemed familiar. It’s like I’ve been here before, like something bad happened. Hours after spending an entire day with him, we were back on the road in his car.

“So, about that girl-“

“Not important. The only thing that matters is getting you home safe. Now get some rest, we have a long drive ahead of us.” I yawned, not saying anything back to him. I’ll find someway to get him to speak up about this girl. Whoever she was, it seemed like a touchy subject for him.

. . .

“You shouldn’t be going in cars with strangers.” said Matt. He and I were at Mystic Grill with our friends. Caroline had arrived late with her boyfriend. Guess I failed to learn his name. Though every time he would glance at me, I felt like there must’ve been some connection between us.

Yet, the thought always fades away just as quickly. “He saved me Matt. Whoever that guy was, I think I trust him.”

“How do you trust someone you don’t even know?” asked Tyler. That was it. I couldn’t exactly answer anyone when it came to that question. It was odd that I put my life in someone else’s hands, even when I didn’t know them. Bonnie spoke up, “What did you talk about with him?”

“He kept telling me I look like someone, a girl. He never tells me his name.” I reply. Everyone exchanged glances with one another as if they seem to know who I’m talking about. Was there something that they’re not telling me?

I looked in the direction of Caroline’s boyfriend, whose eyes had caught someone entering the Grill. I followed his eyes to see that it was the guy who had saved me earlier. He sat down at the bar with his back turned towards us. “Where are you going?” Caroline asked me.

I had stood up and went over to the guy. “Sorry if I’m interrupting any thoughts running through that head of yours, but I forgot to thank you for saving me the other night.” He looked at me with his blue eyes. I have yet to ask him what his name was.

He smiled a bit and said, “There are some people worth saving. Shouldn’t you be with your friends?” I sat down on the stool beside him. I nodded, but told him that they were acting differently. “How so?”

I shook my head. “I look over at them, but it’s like they’ve seen a ghost or something.”

“Those don’t really exist.” He drank from his glass and set it down. “If you would like, you can always swing by the boarding house if you want to talk. I know you’re curious about me, as I am about you.”

I nodded and told him that I would greatly appreciate it. He wrote down his address on a napkin and said that he’s free on Saturday in the afternoon. Again, I thank him for saving me and that I had a lot of fun that day before heading over with my friends. Guess I have a ‘date’ with my savior.

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