Total Drama Isolated Isle

Eighteen new contestants from different areas will join me, and a new island for a fight for one-million dollars! There will be different challenges, drama, betrayal, and many more in this awaited season! Who will be one-million dollars richer? Who will end up being the first one booted off? There are many more question to come! Here, on Total Drama Isloated Isle!

(This is my first fanfiction please no hate if it's bad or not.)


3. Height Fright

"Last time on..... Total Drama Isolated Isle!" announced Chris. 

Mandy and Terra are seen picking the teams. "Mandy and Terra won the team captain challenge and forms the Kaotic Koalas, and Ferocious Foxes!" announced Chris. 

Hartuelle and Sophia are seen trying to run to the finish to win and Hartuelle barely beats Sophia. "Hartuelle barely beats Sophia on the skyscraper challenge to win for the Kaotic Koalas!" continued Chris. 

Dane is seen being pushed off by Chris to the Pit of Shame. "and it was Dane that got the boot!" continued Chris. 

"Who will win todays challenge? Who will be the second person eliminated? Will Alexie catch Hartuelle's heart?" announced Chris. 

"Find out right here, right now on...........TOTAL DRAMA ISLOATED ISLE!" annouced Chris. 

*le intro* 

Back at the Kaotic Koalas.... Greg and Mason are seen interacting each other. While Brendan is trying to look for Will to beat him up. In reality, Will isn't in the cabins. 


"I'm not going to let myself get beaten up by Brendan. So I decided to go out for a little while until Brendan gives up looking for me." said Will. 


While Will was walking, Will trips on a Chris's immunity idol. "Hmmm. What's this?" said Will as he picks up the Chris hidden immunity idol. Will tries to think of what this is for but then he remembers something on TDROTI.

*throwback to TDROTI* 

"Sorry but I ain't going, nowhere." said Scott. 

"What!" said Mike surprisently. 

"The invincibility statue! Nice!" said Chris. 

"That means Scott is safe!" said Chris. 

*Back at Total Drama Isolated Isle.* 

"Oh yeah! The invincibility statue!" said Will as he quicky tries to hide it. 

"Will! What are you doing?" said Joyce. 

"Oh, just taking a walk just to make sure Brendan stops looking for me." said Will. 

"Okay!" said Joyce. Back at the Ferocious Foxes. 

Mandy is seen happily thinking that Dane is actually out of the game. 


"YES! YES YES YES! Dane is out!" said Mandy excitedly. 


"I feel so ashamed. I feel like I betrayed Dane." said Gracy. 


"So.... What's up?" asked Cheryl. 

"Nothing much." replied Sophia. 

Back at the Kaotic Koalas cabin... "So......" said Alexie while he was walking to Hartuelle. 

"Oh hello!" said Hartuelle. 

"So do you want to go on a...." Chris honks the horn before Alexie finishes her sentence. 

"Challenge time!" 


"Alexie does catch my heart. But I don't know if she does to." said Hartuelle. 


Everyone is at the next challenge, at the challenge there is a huge staircase. "Welcome contestants to our next challenge." said Chris. 

"What. Is our next challenge climbing stairs again?" said Ethan while he snickered. 

"Nope but.... This is part one of the challenge!" said Chris. 

"First whole team to finish gets an advantage that will help you in the challenge!" said Chris. 

"Ready...... Set...... GO!" said Chris as he honks the horn. 

"Oh yeah you cannot push each other off." said Chris. 

Everyone came running to the stairs. While they were running, Will accidently trips on the stairs and he hits Brendan. "Did you just touch me!?" said Brendan angrily. 

"Uh yes, but please don't hurt me." said Will. 

"I DONT CARE!" yelled Brendan. 

Brendan throws Will back down the stairs and the other contestants try to dodge him. 

"YOU IDIOT!" yelled Victor. 

"We needed him SO we can get an ADVANTAGE!" continued Victor. 

"Hey! You want to be the next one to get thrown down the stairs!" said Brendan. 

Victor gulped. "That's what I thought." finished Brendan. 

At the top of the stairs... "First! Yay!" said Alexie as she makes it up the stairs. 

"Good job!" said Chris. 

"Now you just gotta wait for your other teammates." continued Chris. 

Right then, Hartuelle, Cheryl, Ethan, and Mandy make it up. 

"Foxes are in the lead!" announced Chris. 

Terra makes it up a few seconds later. "Terra ties it up 3-3!" announced Chris. 

Caden accidently trips and falls down the stairs. Bringing Mason, Greg, and Joyce with him. Victor facepalmed. 


"Are you freaking serious!" said Victor. 


"Oops. I accidently trip and fell down. I hope I don't get eliminated for this." said Caden 


Brendan makes it up the tower. "4-3!" said Chris. 

Right then, Gracy, Alyssa, and Lucy make it up, gossiping. "Looks like Foxes are back in the lead 6-4!" said Chris. 

Victor and Sophia makes it to the top. "Finally." said Victor. 

"Yay." said Sophia. "7-5!" said Chris. 

"Foxes just need Caden to make it up and Foxes win the advantage!" said Chris. 

"Look! Caden's coming!" said Cheryl. 

Caden is running, with Mason, Greg, and Joyce. "Hurry Caden!" said Ethan. 

"Wait, I got this!" said Lucy. "Greg! Dive onto Caden and you can tackle him!" said Lucy. 



"Ugh I feel like Lucy is trying to sabotage the team." said Mandy. 


"Wait Greg! Don't dive onto him!" said Mason. 

"I got this." said Greg. 

Greg tries to dive onto Caden. But like Brendan from last chapter, Caden was fast enough for Greg to dive onto the stairs. Also tripping Mason and Joyce along with them. 

Caden makes on top. "Ferocious Foxes wins Part 1!" The Ferocious Foxes cheered. 


"Hehe. I just tried to sabotage the other team to win." said Lucy. 


"Foxes, before we announce Part 2, we need everyone on the top." said Chris. 

Mason, Greg, and Joyce make it up. "We lost! Thanks a lot you 3." said Victor. 

"Ya know that you're still missing one person." said Chris. "and thats Will." continued Chris. 

"Ugh i'm here." said Will right when he makes it up. "Blame Brendan for throwing me." continued Will. 

Everyone on the Kaotic Koalas glared at Brendan. Brendan gulped. 


"I'm very serious, if Brendan throws Will one more time, I," said Mason. 


"will," said Greg. 


"vote," said Terra. 


"him," said Alexie. 


"off," said Hartuelle. 


"if we," said Victor. 


lose." finished Joyce. 


"Anyways. Contestants! For your next challenge, you guys will have to tie these balloons on yourselves. Because for this challenge, you guys will be floating and, you guys will be throwing nails at each other to pop the other teams balloons!" said Chris. 

Everyone gasps. 


"Too dangerous!" said Joyce. 


"Ferocious Foxes! Since your team won, you get these balloons. These balloons are special because they last longer than the ones the Koalas have." announced Chris. 

The Foxes cheered while the Koalas glared even more at Brendan. 

"Now you guys will have to have to go above ground. Don't worry! These balloons have enough helium to lift at least 1 person." announced Chris. 

"There is a bowl of nails in the midpoint." announced Chris. 

"Also it is impossible to pop that balloon with the nails on it." finished Chris. 

"Ok! Ready, set, Go!" announced Chris. 

Pretty much everyone on the Foxes started going for Brendan right away. 

Brendan tries to pop the others but Mandy pops Brendan's balloon right when he pops Gracy's balloon. 


"Hey! Why me. Am I just too special?" said Brendan angrily. 


"Guys! We need to work together! Go in groups!" said Terra. 

"Hey! I was suppose to say that!" said Victor. 

"Shut up Victor, you're not the team leader of this team." said Terra. 

Right then, Terra's balloon gets popped, making Terra fall down. 

"Ooooh looks like its 7-7 left." said Chris.

"Haha!" said Victor. 


"Victor just shut up, or else i'll change my vote to you instead." said Terra. 


"Terra is right! Split into groups of 3!" said Alexie. 

"I'll be with Hartuelle!" said Alexie. 

"How about Mason, Greg, and Joyce go together." continued Alexie. 

"and Victor and Will should go together!" continued Alexie. 


"Great. Now I have multiple people that are trying to steal my leadership." said Victor. 


Back at the challenge, Sophia was taken out by Mason, Ethan was taken out by Victor, Will was taken out by Alyssa, and Joyce was taken out by Mandy. Mandy tries to take out Mason and Greg, but Greg ended up throwing a nail into Mandy's eye. 

"OWWWWW!" said Mandy as she covers her eye. 


"Oops." said Greg. 


Right then, Mason throws a nail onto Mandy's balloon, eliminating her. "Nice!" said Greg as he high fives Mason. 

"There is 5 Koalas and 4 Foxes left!" said Chris. 

Victor tries to attack Lucy but Lucy's balloons were resistant enough for the nail to just hit the balloon. 


"Ugh. Those resistant balloons are so annoying." said Victor. 


Lucy tries to hit Victor. Only to accidently pop Alyssa's balloon, eliminating her. "Lucy! What the heck! She was on our team!" said Caden. 

"Sorry. It was an accident." asked Lucy. 

Alexie starts interacting with Hartuelle. 

"So... I was suppose to tell you this but. I was either tounge-tied or distracted so i'll tell you this now." said Alexie 

"Hartuelle...... do you want to go on a......" Right when Alexie finishes her sentence Lucy pops Hartuelle's balloon and sends him flying. 

"NOOOO!" said Alexie. 


"Ugh! Why do I ask him at the wrong times!" said Alexie. 


"I think Alexie is into me. I know I am but i'm just not ready to admit it." said Hartuelle.


Right then, Alexie's balloon gets popped. 

Later, Mason and Greg team up to take out Caden, but after Caden's balloon gets popped, he hangs on Lucy. "Caden get off of me! I can't shoot if your on me!" said Lucy. 

Right then, Lucy get's taken out by Greg. Mason and Greg high fives. 


"Ugh I'm voting him off next." said Lucy. 

*STATIC* "There's only 3 Koalas and 1 Fox left!" said Chris. 

Cheryl hasn't thrown any nails yet. All 3 Koalas are after the 1 and only Fox, Cheryl. 

Cheryl is gonna throw a nail. But after a few seconds she stops. "I can't throw any nails! I don't want to hurt anyone!" said Cheryl. 

Right after that, Victor pops Cheryl's balloon to send her flying, making him win for the team. 

"Kaotic Koalas wins the challenge and has immunity!" 

The Koalas cheered while the Foxes groaned. 

"Foxes, i'll see you at the camp fire again for your second elimination." said Chris. 

Back at the cabins... Lucy walks up to Cheryl. "Cheryl, want to join my alliance?" said Lucy. 

"Sure!" said Cheryl. 

"Okay! Ethan and I are planning to vote off Caden because he's useless to be honest." said Lucy. 

"Okay." said Cheryl. 


"I saw Will find a Chris Immunity Idol so I thought why not find one for my own just to save myself." said Mandy. 


"Not here, nope not here." said Mandy as she looks for various places. 

Alyssa saw this as suspicious movement. 


"I think Mandy is trying to find the Chris Immunity Idol. I have to warn the others." said Alyssa. 


"Vote off Cheryl?" said Gracy. 

"Okay." said Sophia. 

"Campers! Please come to the campfire for your second elimination ceremony!" announced Chris. 


"Ugh I wasn't successful finding an idol." said Mandy. 


Everyone is at the campfire. "Welcome back to the campfire Ferocious Foxes." said Chris. 

"It is now time for you to vote." continued Chris. 


"Sorry Cheryl." said Gracy as she places a block on Cheryl's block. 


"Bye Caden." said Lucy as she places a block on Caden's block. 


"When I call your name, you are safe." said Chris. 

"Gracy, Ethan, Lucy, Sophia, and Alyssa." said Chris as he throws Gracy, Ethan, Lucy, Sophia, and Alyssa a marshmellow. 

"Mandy, Caden, and Cheryl remain." said Mandy. 

"Mandy, you're on the chopping block because you were caught by your teammates looking for a Chris Immunity Idol." said Chris. 

This made people excited to go on a Immunity Idol Hunt after the elimination. 

"Caden, you're on the chopping block for well being clumsy in the first 2 challenges and other stuff." continued Chris. 

"Cheryl, you're on the chopping block for not trying to hit anybody because you didn't want to hurt them." continued Chris. 

"Anyways, Mandy, you're safe." announced Chris as he threw Mandy a marshemellow. 

"Caden, Cheryl. One of you will be eliminated." said Chris. 

"Last person safe is





















Cheryl!" said Chris as he threw Cheryl a marshmellow. 

"Aw man... Atleast I wasn't first out." said Caden. 

"Chef! Take him to the Pit of Shame." said Chris. 

"On it." said Chef as he takes Caden to the Pit of Shame. 

Later... "Any final words Caden?" said Chris. 

"Good luck everybody and please vote off Lucy!" said Caden as Chef pushes him off. 

Caden is screaming while he was falling. 


"Yeah like that's gonna happen." said Lucy. 


"So, with Caden gone, we are down to the final 16!" announced Chris. 

"Who will be voted off next?" announced Chris. 

"and, will the Ferocious Foxes ever win a challenge?" announced Chris. 

"Find out next time on.......


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