All-Genre Short Stories

From humor to adventure, for paranormal to sad, these original short stories are sure to satisfy anybody!
Some may be just the first paragraph of a short story, while some may be a complete short story. Whatever it is, though, it's guaranteed to be an amazing story!
If you'd like a certain genre, comment!


3. You Never Know Part I- Fantasy

Mercan “Moose” Mierde felt a smile creep onto her face as she approached her uncertain death. Just 2 days ago she had gotten the best idea ever:

    After eating 800 boxes of chocolate from various people on her 21st Valentines Day, she had cried her eyes out. Her best friend had just moved off to Hunger Jamesy college, and Moose was stuck selling ripped jeans and muscle shirts to creepy 14-year-olds and singing at the Statbuks Coffee shop every night she was off. It might’ve been the stress, the pressure, or maybe fate, but she suddenly resolved to she’d bungee jump the Malku Hulama Volcano. In her 21 year life so far, she hadn’t ever done anything outrageous, besides steal this random guy’s large Dr.Pippier the night she turned 19, but, then again, that wasn’t really outrageous. “Urgh, I need inspiration,” Moose groaned. 

    She reached over to her phone. She’d had the same old phone since middle school, but she loved it. So what if it only had 250 apps and couldn’t print out life-sized cardboard people? Did that mean that she couldn’t do everything she wanted on it? Obviously not! Moose scrolled through her contacts and came to exactly the person she wanted…

-The Yeti

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