Elena is 17yrs. She has blonde hair and dark blue eyes, she is the most pop. girl in school
What happens when he met Zayn? would they fall in love to each other? Would her life change forever?


1. Beginning

I woke up and i saw boy lying front of me

Oh no, again 1night stand! damn i told myself that i will never do this again but i did


It's 7:15 i have to go to school. I wear short black skirt and white top. I have to say i have nice body.


i went to school and everyone was lookin at me. They heard? oh yes! everyone knew that i slept with Louis! They called me "Slut" but they didn't even know the meaning of this word.

I went in class and saw 3new boys. They were sooo fuckin sexy! I liked one of them, It was Zayn. Zayn Malik. His eyes was so dark and his lips....oh.. I wanted to kiss them

I sat next to him and talked

-Oh hey, I am Elena, You are new?

-Yes I am. I am Zayn nice to meet you

His voice! he gives me butterflies in my stomach.

-Well, tell me something about you -i smiled

*Bell rings*

-Come to my party today at 9' and i will tell you everything

Should i go? yes!

I called to my best friend Lisabeth

-Lis we are going to party this night! Lets go to shopping and buy something sexy!

-See you at 16:00

It was 15:50 already so i went outside and waited for Lis.

We went at mall and entered in Terranova.

She bought short neon dress, and i decided to be sexiest at the party so i bought: Top, shortest white dress, black shoes and black coat.


-Hello Zaaaaaayn!

-Damn you are so sexy. Come here

Everyone was dancing. I started too. But i felt someone touching at my body, It Was Zayn!

A/N so silly? if anyone liked comment and i will continue! Thank you everyone!

Luv ya

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