When the story ends

Cover by the yeti
For the people who have suffered


4. why?

I didn’t mean to do it not really. I just did it unconsciously without realising. One mean word and you can’t go back, can you? It was because I wanted her to understand suffering. I was just preparing her for the real world. I know, trust me I know what you’re thinking. However many excuses I make what I did was unforgiveable. Every time I saw the hurt in her eyes. It hurt me too you know. What had I become. It wasn’t enough that I had to bully her or she would bully me. Nothing will ever be enough. People think I don’t know that but I do. She’s gone now that perfect girl. Well of course she’s gone. She told someone who helped her get through it. She realised how amazing she was. Now she’s in a different school and her story’s over. She’s living an amazing life. I’m stuck here in this school with no friends.

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