When the story ends

Cover by the yeti
For the people who have suffered


1. the beginning

We’ve all heard those stories. You know the ones I mean. There is a scared lonely girl with low self esteem. Then there’s the bully. The mean hard cold one who is always teasing the girl. The bully is heartless. The bully is cruel. The bully has often no reason for doing it. Even when the innocent girl is kind to them they just keep on bulling. They are feared. They are powerful. They always lose in the end. They never get a happy ending. Those stories are wrong though. The bully is not heartless. The bully is mostly just afraid. The bully has often no idea why they are doing it. When the story ends and the kind innocent person with new found confidence goes to a better place. The bully is left behind. Alone, afraid and left with consequences of what they have done. Their story never really ends like the victim’s does. The bully never gets to go to a better place. They stay behind with the price of what they have done never really paid off.

My name is Diamond and this is my story.

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