If You Really Love Me, Let Me Go

She has always loved her brother. She protected him with her life, and, when she died, she never thought that she would want him dead, too.


1. I Love You, Ruther

"The first day back to school," sighed my brother, "is he-"

"-aven," I cut him off and corrected his sentence. "Refrain from using that word, will you, Ruth?"

"Kiv, why do you love school? It is prison!" said Ruther.

"Nuh uh!" I answered.

"Uh huh!" he said.

"Nuh uh!"

Realizing that he could never really win an argument, Ruther shut up.

"Plus, Ruth, you're just starting ninth grade. You're in the high school, now."

"So are you," he retorted.

"And...that's supposed to be bad how?"
Dad rushed in the room and laughed. "What are ya'll arguing about today?"

I sighed," I seriously do not know."

Dad kissed me on my forehead. "Kivvy, Ruther, I have never know two more different twins."

I laughed. "Neither have I."


Once we received our schedules, Ruther and I looked at each other. We both had the same classes!

"Well-" he said

"-crap," I finished.

The bell rang, and we headed off to mathematics.


"And that is what a square root is," I explained to the rest of the class.

"Thank you, Kiveret, for-"


There was a sound outside of the door. What was it?

Someone came over the intercom. "LOCKDOWN! LOCKDOWN! LOCK-" 


"Everyone, under the desks! Everyone under the desks!" someone screamed.

"Tables up!"

"In the cabinets!"

I looked around, terrified. "Where do I go?"



"SHUT UP, ALL OF YOU! You're gonna get us killed if you don't shut up!"

I looked frantically around, and found my brother, stowed away inside one of the calculator cabinets. I ran and ducked in them too.

"Kiv, I'm scared," said my brother. 

"So am I," I responded.

My brother looked me square in the eyes. "Kivvy, I want to tell you one thing."

"I...love you, Kiv. Before we die, I want to tell you that."

I looked at him. "I love you, Ruther, also."

Suddenly, there was a bang, and the glass from our window was broken out.

There were footsteps outside of the cabinet doors.

There was the sound of cabinets opening, screams, and silence.

I heard the sound of footsteps outside of the door of our cabinets.

There was a creak, as Ruth bumped the door with his knee.

We could now see the man's face. It was scraggly, wrinkled, and worn. He turned his face to our cabinet. He was going to kill us.

Suddenly, I felt adrenaline. He was going to kill my only brother. He was going to kill everyone else. I had to do something.

In a blur, I jumped out, and knocked the man to the ground. I screamed, "RUTH, I LOVE YOU!" and bit the man very hard on the hand, so that they gun fell out.

I picked it up and aimed at his face. "DO NOT MOVE A MUS-"

He suddenly grabbed the gun and my wrist, twisted it, and shot me. Right in the heart.

"Ruth, I love you!"

"Who is Ruth?" growled the man.

"I love you, Ruth! Ruth, I-"

He shot me again.

My voice was growing fainter and fainter, and I could only see right in front of me. "I love you, Ruth. I llll-"

And then I saw white.

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