Anything for Hemmings

When Charlotte is told that she is moving across the word first it is the worst thing in the world but is it all worth it?
Will she meet the man of her dreams?
Will her life get worst as each day goes on?


1. The News that Changed my Life

*Charlotte’s POV*

‘Hey Charlotte, your father and I need to talk to you. We have to discuss something with you,’ my mother called from my doorway nodding for me to go downstairs.

‘Ok I just need to save my work’ I said while saving my 1000 word essay that was due on Monday, which I had only just started. I shut my laptop and made my way down stairs and into the dining room, where my parents were sitting.

‘Hey what did you need to tell me?’ I asked with curiosity. They pointed for me to sit down and I was starting to get worried.

Did she find out I am failing maths?

Did Lucy tell her I got into a fight with Jessica Fleur?

‘We might be moving… ’ my mother said softly.

‘Cool when are we moving and do we have a house yet?’ I asked trying to hold back the 17 other question going through my head.

‘Well your father got offered a job in Australia,’ she said as I cut her off.

‘Wait you mean we are moving to the other side of the world?’ I said in a louder toned voice.

‘I knew you would react like this… he got a promotion and is now based just outside of Sydney,’ she said in a disappointed tone.

‘When are we leaving?!’ I said holding back the anger.

‘The flight is in 2 weeks but the moving company will be collecting your stuff on Tuesday,’ my father said sticking up for my mother who clearly didn’t get enough sleep last night.

‘Arrrghhh!! And how am I going to pack my room in 3 days?!?’ I said running to my room and slamming the door.

I picked up my phone from my bed and called Lucy to break the news to her.

‘Hey Char, what’s up?’ Lucy said answering the phone.

‘Hey I am moving across the world!!’ I said very fast and loud.

‘Wait slow down, your moving across the world?’ she says in shock.

‘Yeah!! Just come over and I’ll give you the details,’ I say trying to calm down and ended the call.

‘LUCY IS COMING OVER FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS TO HELP ME PACK MY ROOM!!!’ I called out to my parent from my room. I heard a sign of approval from my parents and started piling stuff.

‘Hi Lucy, she is in her room,’ I hear my mum call out from the kitchen. Lucy runs in to my room and hugs me.

‘Lucy I am not leaving yet I still have 2 more weeks and mum is still making me go to school!!’ raising my voice on the last bit so my mum could hear. She didn’t take any of it.

‘So what can I do to help?’ Lucy asks while making her way through the maze of stuff on my floor.

‘Can you please put all my CDs in this box here’ I say while taping the bottom of the box. She takes the box and gets comfortable by my white shelf that has all the albums of all my favourite bands. I start to take down the posters on my wall.

*A couple of hours later*

‘Ok my mum wants me to go home now, I will see you at school tomorrow,’ Lucy says as she is heading towards the front door.

‘Ok wish me good luck,’ I say looking at the 3 boxes we managed to actually pack while she was here.

I decide to go through my bed side tables and I found a picture of me and Lucy on the first day of grade 1. We looked so cute, well Lucy did. She use to have beautiful dirty blond hair back then but now she changes hair colour every second week.

‘Char dinner is ready,’ Dad called out while dishing up my favourite, Lasagne. I think my parents only decided to make lasagne so I was in a good mood. It worked.

I finished my dinner in about 15 minutes and it left me in the best mood. My parents and I stayed up until 11pm watching the Hangover movies.

I started to get really tired in the middle of the second one. I dozed off to sleep and woke up in my bed. I had that feeling when you wake up in a place you don’t know where you are, even though it was my room that I have slept in every night for the past 7 years. I didn’t remember falling asleep last night and it was still dark outside.

I checked my phone to see it was 2:48am. I went back to sleep.

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