Anything for Hemmings

When Charlotte is told that she is moving across the word first it is the worst thing in the world but is it all worth it?
Will she meet the man of her dreams?
Will her life get worst as each day goes on?


7. Job and Band

*Luke’s POV*


I woke up to the sun in my eyes and I rolled over to look at the time. It was 8:42am. I reached for my phone and saw a text from Charlotte.

Charlotte: Good morning, text me when your awake.

I quickly texted back.

Luke: I’m up now gorgeous xx

I then out my phone down and I heard a knock on the door and Charlotte walked in.


*Charlotte’s POV*


‘Hey, beautiful,’ he says in his sexy half asleep voice and his arms out hinting for me to jump into his bed with him. I smile and adjust myself on Luke’s bed.

‘When did you wake?’ he asks.

‘I woke at 7 but couldn’t get back to sleep,’ I say looking into Luke’s gorgeous blue eyes.

‘You should have just come in here I wouldn’t have minded.’

‘Then I know for next time,’ I say and kiss him on the forehead.                              

‘Come here,’ he say pulling me closer to him. He lies on his back and I burry my head into his chest and wrapped my arms around his shirtless body.

‘So we have school tomorrow,’ Luke says.

‘Don’t say that,’ I said and we both laughed.

 We were just lying there and my belly made that unattractive noise when it is hungry.

‘Are you hungry?’ Luke asks.

‘Yeah,’ I say blushing. I really hoped he didn’t hear my belly trying to speak whale, but he did.

‘Ok let me get changed and I am going to take you out,’ he says getting out of his bed. I just lay there admiring his back muscles. He puts a pair of black skinny jeans with rips at the knees and a Green Day muscle tee.

‘Ok you ready?’ he says as he turns around to see that I was staring at him.

‘Oh... arr... yep lets go,’ I say getting out of his bed and heading for his door. He followed behind me and we walked out the door. I felt Luke’s hand brush y back as he guided me to his car. He opened the door for me, like he always does.

We drove for about 10 minutes until we reached this beautiful looking café. It was called ‘Early Birds’.

‘This is my favourite café ever and I use to come here every weekend with my grandma,’ he says as he follows me through the door. It was beautiful. A waiter took us to our table and we started to look at the menu.

‘Can I get you any drinks to start off with?’ the waiter said.

‘Yeah I’ll have a hot chocolate please,’ I say.

‘Make that 2,’ Luke says. I smile at him and the waiter walks away.

‘This place is amazing,’ I say looking around at the black bar work on the ceiling.

‘Yeah it is amazing, and the food is even better,’ Luke says.

Our drinks arrive and we order our meals. I got a classic English breakfast and Luke got the eggs benedict.

We finished our meals and it was the best English breakfast I have ever had. We left the café and jumped back into Luke’s car. We picked up my stuff from his house then he dropped me home. I had to go for a job trial at City Beach.

‘Good Luck Char, you will be the best,’ Luke says as he kisses me on the forehead and I walk inside.


*Luke’s POV*


I had to go to band practice so it sort of worked out well the Charlotte had her trial today. I pulled into Michael’s driveway and saw that the other boys were already here.

I walked inside and into the garage. The boys stopped what they were doing and looked my way.

‘Where have you been?’ Calum called out.

‘With his lover,’ Ashton answered.

Michael just laughed.

‘I just dropped Charlotte off at her house because she stayed the night last night,’ I said explaining myself.

‘Wait did you guys…’ Ashton asked

‘NOOO!!’ I said cutting him off, ‘she slept in the spare room and nothing happened!’

‘Ok if you say so, shall we start?’ Michael asked?

We practised for about 2 hours and then I heard my phone go off. Charlotte was calling me.

‘Hey guys I have to take this one,’ I say walking out of the room.

‘Righto,’ Calum said as he messed around with his base.

‘Hey sweetie, how did you go?’ I answered.

‘Really good actually they hired me!!’ she said sounding happy as ever.

‘Oh that is really good Char, when is your first shift?’ I asked.

‘On Wednesday after school,’ she said sounding so cute.

‘Good job babe I am really proud of you,’ I say.

‘Thanks, what are you up to?’ she asks.

‘Nothing much I think we are gonna finish up the practise soon, did you want to come by and watch us do one last song?’ I ask

‘Oh are you serious Luke?’ she asks sounding shocked.

‘Yeah then I am going to take you out to the movies,’ I say with confidence.

‘Oooo really? What are we going to see?’ she says.

‘It is a surprise, do you need someone to come get you?’ I asked.

‘No it is fine I will get my mum to drop me off,’

‘Ok see you soon, bye,’ I say ending the call.

I walk back into the garage to let the guys know that Charlotte was coming round to watch us play one last song.

‘Ok that is fine,’ Michael said.

‘What song are we gonna do?’ Ashton asked.

‘I don’t know I was thinking of one of our original ones…’ I said, ‘What do you reckon?’

‘Yeah maybe Unpredictable or Beside You?’ Calum suggested.

‘Yeah maybe we will play Unpredictable,’ I say.


*Charlotte’s POV*


I got off the phone with Luke and got into my mums car. We were on our way to Luke’s house when I got a message from Lucy.

Lucy: Hey babes what are you up to? I haven’t spoken to you in ages!! Met any cute boys yet?

I smiled and quickly responded.

Charlotte: Yeah I am doing really well, I actually have a boyfriend and I am going to see him now.


I laughed at her message and my mum probably thinks I am a weirdo.

Charlotte: haha yep he is the best!! Anyway I have to go I’ll talk later.

Lucy: Ok have fun xx

We pulled up to one of his band mates house, not sure who, and I got out and walked to the door. A lovely lady opened the door and I was assuming it was his mother.

‘Hi I am here to see Luke…’ I said quietly, but loud enough for Luke to hear. He came rushing round the corner.

‘Yep Karen, she is with me,’ he called out while walking up to me. He quickly pecked me on the lips and guided me to the garage.

‘Thanks Karen,’ I called out.

‘No worries sweet,’ she called from the lounge room.

When I walked into the garage I got stares from all 3 of the band members.

‘Hi I am Charlotte, Luke’s…’ I said.

I was cut off by Calum, ‘…girlfriend, yeah we know he talks about you way too much.’

‘Hey be nice!’ Luke said, 'That was Calum'. 

'This is Ashton,' Luke said pointing to a brown haired boy with a bandanna to hold back the curls.

'And this is Michael,' he said pointing to the last boy with crazy red hair.

they al just waved and said hi. It was really awkward because I felt like I was interrupting their ‘boy time’.

‘Hey we are being nice, she is really cool,’ Ashton said with his hands up.

‘Yeah you are rocking that tee,’ Michael said looking over at me. I was wearing my All Time Low tee.

‘Thanks, not too bad yourself,’ I replied.

‘Ok shall we start?’ Luke says as he claps his hands together.

‘Yep!’ They all said in unison.

They all got into their positions and gripped their instruments. I was waiting to see what they sounded like.

The sound of all the instruments playing fills the room and it sounded amazing. Luke stepped up to the microphone and started to sing.

She sits at home with the lights out
Seeing life in different colors
I think it's time that we wake up
So let me take you away

Calum, Michael and Luke then started to sing a line each and my head was moving around like I was watching a ball in a pinball machine.

We can run down the street
With stars in our eyes
We can tear down this town
In the dark of the night
Just open the door
We've got time on our side
We can make it out alive

They all joined in to sing the chorus

Hey we're taking on the world
I'll take you where you wanna go
Pick you up if you fall to pieces
Let me be the one to save you
Break the plans we had before
Let's be unpredictable
Pick you up if you fall to pieces
Let me be the one to save you


Till we've lost control
And we'll stumble through it all
Let's do something new and unpredictable

The song ended and it was amazing.

'That was amazing guys,' I say.

'Awww thanks,' Luke says.

They pack all their instruments away and one by one the guys leave Michael house.

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