her name is savanna, she was only 9. she was walking home from school from what teacher said. her bffs said she never walked home with them but they saw her running down the sidewalk.... where is savanna rose Suzuki? will she be found?


1. "NO.. not her..."



                                                                       NEW YORK TIMES

                                                 GIRL MISSING FROM HOME LIKE A LEAF IN THE WIND


Jenna Suzuki was a proud mother of a humble, brave and confident little girl. she was 9 years old. jenna was as surprised as her father when savanna was born. jenna was not supposed to have a child. savanna was a miracle. for the first time in savannas life her mom and dad where both at work and forgot to call savannas friends mom to pick her up to go to school. so, savanna walked to school. her mom and dad where unparanoid for thinking that their daughter was safe and sound at her bffs house, with chloe oyola.

jenna and her husband lyoko have lived in Shibuya,tokyo, japan since they had met so many years ago when jenna was visiting japan from her homeland, Manchester, united kingdom. it was "love" at first sight.

at the end of the school day, savanna waited outside the school for atleast half an hour as her 3rd grade teacher had said. she sat on the tree stump humming as happy as pinky pie from mlp. finally, her teacher claims, that the little girl jumped up with a fist in the air, quoting Bilbo baggins from the hobbit, one of her recently favorited movies,  she yells, " I'm going on an adventure!" as she runs down the sidewalk. that was the last time the little girl was seen. her mother says she remembers calling troy okuno to let him know to pick up their daughter. when the mother finds out that her precious daughter was missing, she  broke out into tears and yells, "NO! not her.."                 








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