Raspberry Girl

She's the clown girl, the one with candy hair and so sweet.
But really she's the devil.
Laureate is a very hot-blooded person.
She owns the company called R.B.G.
Shes adopted and her dad is the CEO.
Thrown out and facing tough things because of her evil uncle.


1. Tough luck

"Daddy!", "please don't leave me, your all I got said Laureate. 
"Its okay you know this was coming, I am old, tired and very sick replied Mr. Ducenfel.
"CEO!" Said all he best workers and friends worried. 
"Who's gonna get the company brother? Asked Dusafan.
"Are you kidding why are you worried about that now uncle, when your brother is dying replied Laureate. 
"Am just saying who will care for everything when the CEO is gone said Dusafan.
"Does it even matter right now replied Laureate. 
"Guys stop fighting it's all in the will! Screamed the CEO.
"Gah urggg! Screamed the CEO in so much pain. 
Beep!,"Daddy! Please said Laureate crying. 
"Please mam your gonna have to step out everyone we will do what we can said the nurse.

Two hours later of tears and sadness. 
"Mam" said the doctor.
"He's passed on said the doctor. 
"No!...no no how could he do this me he promised! Screamed Laureate crying.
"Please mam your gonna have to calm down, and let go of me said the doctor. 
"No this is your fault for not saving him replied Laureate grabbing the doctor's collar.
"Please I mean no harm said the doctor. 
"Ahhh!", screamed Laureate hearing that made her so mad she started punching and beating up the doctor. 
"Hey STOP!", said three nurses pulling Laureate away from the doctor. 
"Where are your manners young lady said a big fat mean looking nurse.
In Laureate's mind they all look mean to her now.
The poor doctor was all bruised up.
The nurses took him, to care hes wounds.
The doctor all bruised up thought how can a girl be so strong, smiling with a blushed face.
"Wow doctor that girl hit you real good said the nurse.
"Ahhhh!", screamed Laureate and left the hospital crying. 
"What a nasty child, I don't know why my brother took her in said Dusafan while seeing Laureate leave the hospital. 
"I will get rid of her and my brother's company, it will all be mine just you watch said Dusafan.
"Yes sir", said he's assistant.

Three weeks pass

"I can't believe he's giving the company R.B.G to the nasty gang banger girl! said Dusafan mad.
"Sir and all the money too replied he's assistant. 
"What!", screamed Dusafan.
"We gotta do something? Asked Dusafan.
"Sir lying said the assistant. 
SMACK BAM! On the head on the head of the assistant. 
"No stupid replied Dusafan. 
"We need to lie bigger said Dusafan. 
"Sir she's on her way said the assistant.

Laureate enters the company, all the workers gossip but some are crying. 
"Hey I heard she was adopted into the company, what a bitch and that she's a gang banger bitch whispered the workers.
"No I heard she seduced the CEO, and what's with the color of her hair she's such a rasberry bitch whispered the workers. 
"Ha ha ha yea" laughed the workers.
Laureate could care less what they say.
They should be lucky or else they would be dead, but she has lots of respect for her dad who passed and for the company too.
She walked into the elevator.
Doors closing, a man stops the doors from closing and rushed in.
"Am... sorry you don't mind right, I am so late for my interview said the man in a black suit.
"Go ahead replied Laureate. 
All of a sudden the elevator stops in a rough shake.
Making the man fall on Laureate. 
"Hey are you okay asked the man to Laureate looking at her eyes and seeing how her cheeks turned red.
The man also felt something squishy like in he's hand.
"YOU, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU HOW CAN YOU TOUCH A GIRL'S CHEST SO CARELESSLY screamed Laureate covering her chest with her arms and very blushed.
Laureate so mad she grabs he's collar.
"A..am sorry it was a accident, so that's what I was touching uh said the man.
"You, this is no time to be thinking right now do have a death wish? Asked Laureate. 
Just in the moment she was gonna throw a punch. 
The doors open to what seems Mr.Dusafan standing in front of the elevator. 
Laureate looks to the side to see her uncle.
"Uncle", she said letting go of the man and fixing her self.
"She whispers to the man I will get you later, she said.
The man runs off.
"Crap I am already late he said the man and flash he runs.
"Laureate come, sit I have bad news said Dusafan. 
"Here's the will and your dad said your not established to run the company or worthy for all he's riches.
It also says he gives you three days to pack your things and to leave the main house said Dusafan with a evil smirk.
"No way dad wouldn't say this replied Laureate. 
"He also also said your anger its not good for the company okay and he knows about your nasty gang of killer girls and he just won't accept that said Dusafan. 
"That is so dad WOW!, I can't believe he betray me and hate me this much said Laureate shocked and mad.
"You know what I am not worthy for this company, well this company its not worthy for me and I AM LEAVING NOW! Screamed Laureate storming out.
"Yes leave you worthless child everybody hates you and now all the company is mine said Dusafan to himself. 
Laureate walking out of the company she hears.
"Hey new rumor the rasberry bitch has been thrown out YES!, she deserves it said the worker.
"Hey the girls dad just died and now she's been thrown out of her job and home, she has really tough luck said a worker defending Laureate. 
"You guys should be ashamed of yourselves said another worker.
Laureate hears that and then leaves with no saying in the matter crying, but to only find her self homeless.
Will raspberry girl be happy again...




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