Dont Do it

Dess and Maddie have been Bestfriends since they met. The day Dess and Maddie moved out was the day Everything changed. Dess meets Sam pottorff from 02l and the instanly fall inlove and Maddie meets Jc caylen from the same group and falls inlove. The there comes Kian lawley, Who falls for both of them. What happens when Kian takes his feelings WAY too far? Will they forgive him or will they not? Find out in Dont do it


2. Meeting Sam, and Others

Dess POV


Maddie feel asleep on my shoulder. The plan ride was 6 hours long and we had nothing to do because it was late our phones were dead and we were tired.

*2 hours later*

Flight attendant- Please fassion your seat belt' s we will be landing shortly. Thank you for flying with american airline and have a nice day. After she said that i started to wake up maddie and told her to fassion her seat belt.

After we got off the plane i spotted these 3 boys. One has brown curly hair from where im standing it looks like his eyes are like a goldish brown, he' s kind of short but taller than me and cute. Next one was tall as fuck but not that tall he was cute his hair was spiked at the front and his eyes were a dark brown. The next one really caught me eye. He was slightly taller than me by maybe a few inches, his hair was a dark shade of brown and very cute. He catches me staring at him and stares back with a smile and i kid you not my heart was beating out of m chest. We kept staring which felt like hours but it was only a few minutes until i looked down and blushed. When i looked back up i saw that he was coming to me. I was starting to melt when he came closer he was even cuter. 

Boy- Hello beautiful, i'm Sam and i thought i would come over and say hi because you are really preety. He said and i looked down and blushed which caused him to chuckle.

Me- Hi Sam i'm Dess and thanks, I think your cute too. I said and he blushed this time

Sam- Well Dess are you from here. He asked

Me- Um...No actually im from Houston but i came here because i moved out with my best friend Maddie. It just hit me i looked around for Maddie and found her talking to the curly haired guy. 

Sam- Oh... well let me show you to my friends. He said taking my hand and pulling me with him. I dont know why but when we were holding hands i felt something that i felt with nobody else except...Landon. He was my ex we were together for about a year and 2 months. Until one day in our relationship i was talking to my boy-best friend i gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Landon came up behind him and chocked him until he couldn't breath. That day forward he was being controlling and telling me what to do and who to hang out with i was sick of it. That's when he tried to kidnap me just because i tried to break up with him. 


Sam-Hey guys...this is my friend Dess and she just moved here. He says while looking at me smiling. i just looked down and blushed

Me- Hay guys im Dess nice to meet you all. I say while shaking their hands. one of the boys came to shake me hand and a took it a kissed it. I smiled and looked at sam he gave the boy a death glare

Boy- Well its nice to meet you took cutie, My names Kian and this is Jc he pointed to the boy that was flirting with Maddie

Me- Well it's nice to meet you and i would really love to stay but we have to go i guess i'll see you guys soon hopefully. I said i was just about to walk when i felt a hand go around me waist and turned me around. I looked up to see who it was and i saw Sam smiling down at me

Sam- Before you go...Can i get you number? He asked i gave him my phone and he put his number in and saved it as 'Samisbae' I smiled and gave him a hug it's like he never wanted to let go but we had to.

Me- Bye guys, Bye Sam i said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled and blushed it was cute so i giggled and walked away. We got to the house and i went to pick out my room i got the biggest one in their.(cuz i liked space) I went to sleep just thinking of Sam.




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