Run Away

In which a famous guy meets a criminally famous girl

({Calum Hood})

-soon to be available on Wattpad-


1. 1

Calum walked into the hotel room, exhausted. After a full day of interviews, concerts ,and meet and greets, he was ready to sleep.

"Hey Cal." Luke said,scrolling through twitter on his phone. 

"Hey Luke." Calum spoke,greeting his best friend. ¨Do we have any events later? I've been dying to get some sleep. I haven't slept in almost 5 days.¨

Luke looked at him with sympathy. "Sorry bro, we've got to go to a birthday party at some club. I think it's like, Ed Sheeran's or something."

Calum groaned. When he joined his band, he didn't join it for the fame. He joined it because it was something he loved to do, and that wasn't what he got. He got paparazzi watching his every move, people hating on his music, people telling him to die, all what he never wanted. He just wanted to have some fun.

Luke looked at him and sighed. "Listen, I know you're exhausted, but  trust me. When we're done with the promos for the tour, everything will be smooth sailing. Not as much work.'

"No Luke, you don't understand, it's not just this, it's everything. The paps, the fans. Bro, I love our fans but..." Calum trailed off feeling guilty.

Luke nodded his head, "I know what you mean, but we've still got to go. I'll tell the boys to leave you alone so you can sleep in the limo."

Calum sighed and went to his room to get ready. The stylist had already set out his clothes for the event later,so he quickly got dressed hoping for even a moment of shut-eye. Unfortunately,he got barely any. Only 5 minutes of sleeping before their huge body guard came and woke him up. Hopefully he'd get some sleep on the limo.   

But of course,he didn't.

Michael was being his usual self,and was participating his usual playful banter with the boys. Calum just didn't like it, He was okay with it usually,and he'd participate in Michael's antics any other day,but today he just couldn't. 

Mikey playfully pushed Calum,getting no reply. 

"C'mon Cal? What's wrong? You aren't usually like this." 

Luke immanently came to his friend's rescue,coming up with an excuse that was far from the truth. "He's hungover. He got a little too much to drink,and he thought he could fix it by getting wasted again. Didn't fix it,and he just became an annoying whiny embarrassing  drunk. Remind you of someone, Ashton?"

"It was one time!"


"Nicole! You have to go!" Karlie,Nicole's long time best friend said,making puppy dog eyes. "Harry Styles is going to be there!"

Nicole rolled her eyes at her friend's attempt to get her to go to a party. Given,it was Ed Sheeran's birthday party,but Nicole couldn't risk being caught. Plus,Nicole had to figure out how she was going to get away from the FBI. She had considered moving away from America several times,but Karlie wouldn't let her. Karlie was an optimist. She believed Nicole could find refuge somewhere in the states.

'I told you,Kar,that I can't! What if someone recognizes us? Both of us will be sent to prison."

Karlie rolled her eyes. "No one is going to recognize us. All they have seen of us are from low quality security cameras. I mean look at you,are you in prison yet?"

Nicole sighed in defeat."Fine.I'll go.But only if you promise me to buy me food afterwards."

Karlie smiled."I already have my outfit picked out. Let's get yours."

Karlie opened up Nicole's closet,frowning at the contents that were placed in it. 

"You don't have a lot,do you?"      

Nicole rolled her eyes. "I'm a criminal. I'm not expected to have 'beautiful' clothes." Nicole wasn't much of a fashion girl. She could care less about clothes. Which was kind of ironic, since during her criminal times, she stole a lot of clothes.

Karlie gaped at Nicole. "Yes you are! I freaking stole most of my clothes from Taylor Swift and Katy Perry!" Karlie, on the other hand, loved fashion and clothes and everything. She's the one who Nicole stole most of those clothes for. She stole other things for herself. 


Soon the girls were ready.

"We look super gorgeous! I love your boots!" Karlie giggled,putting on her necklace. 

Nicole shook her head,trying to hide her smile. She didn't want to admit,but she was excited. The last time she went to party her criminal life had started. Her face fell thinking of it,and she knew Karlie would bring it up if she saw her face,and that would ruin the night. 

The girls giggled during the taxi trip, making jokes about some of the celebrity couples who would be at the party. It sure would be a night they would never forget. At least for Nicole anyway.

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