A Donor's Failure

A kid has cancer in his kidney. His brother attempts to donate his kidney to save his brothers life and when he thought everything went well, the next week, something bad happened.


1. Donation

  My brother has been suffering from cancer in his kidney. Jake, who is my brother, has been stuck in the hospital for about a year now and each day I fear that he is getting worse. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my brother Jake.
     The doctor just told him and my family that he has only a week to live. After watching my mother and father breaking down in tears, I asked the doctor if they found a kidney donor yet. Jake has O positive blood type so I would assume it wouldn’t be hard to find a match. 
     The doctor told me the list is long and Jake is practically two years away from getting that kidney he needs. Basically, they’re just going to let him die. He is only fourteen years old. I’m sixteen years old. How are they going to just let a kid die? How will a young kid like me watch my brother die?
     I pray everyday that there will be a miracle and Jake will either beat cancer or get that kidney he needs tomorrow. Jake is getting sicker everyday just sits in that stupid hospital bed. He can’t even go outside to get fresh air or he will possibly catch a sickness in the air.
     I feel terrible. I just wish there was something I could do! An idea then popped into my head. I asked the doctor, what if I donated a kidney? Could he just take one of mine? My parents kept saying no but I couldn’t let my little brother die. The doctor said it would be a match being that I had O positive blood as well.
     I finally got to talk my parents into it. After having a long talk with the family and the doctor, he prepped my brother and I for surgery. That last thing I said to my family before surgery was that I loved them. The doctor put the two of us down before he cut us open.
     The doctor then removed one of my kidneys and put it in Jake. After removing my kidney he stitched me up. As well as Jake, he stitched him up. It was a 12 hour surgery between the two of us.
     When I woke up, I immediately looked over at Jake. He looked at me as well being that he has been awake for about 20 minutes before me. We smiled at each other. The doctor came in and said congratulations to us and that he was proud of me for helping out my brother. I saved his life that day. 
     I also killed someone that day. I committed suicide that day unintentionally. A week later my brother and I passed away. Only to find out that Jake's second kidney had gotten cancer spread to it. My kidneys were failing and nobody knew that. 
     I didn’t even know I was suffering from kidney failure. My one kidney I had left failed. Between the cancer and failing kidney in Jake, he died five minutes after I did. I’m sorry, Jake. I’m sorry, mom and dad. I keep thinking what if he beat cancer? What if he had a donor the next day?
     Only I would be the dead guy. My brother could’ve grown up to see and enjoy the world. What did I do?


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