Our Misfit Adventures

We're the outcasts, the weirdos, the misfits. But we may be all that's left to save what we love and care about.


1. Fate?

It was a cool evening in Hoenn, the time of day I usually prefer, it felt nice after a long day of training. I slipped off my training pads and laid back into the grass, I sighed "that's what I needed." I cuddled up in the grass and started to doze off when I felt something nuzzle my side.

"Hey Duke, mom send you to come get me?" The arcanine dipped his head slightly and proceeded to nudge me onto his back. "W-wait! I took my bike to class." He walked over to the tree where my bike stood and carefully picked it up. 

"Lets go a little slower, last time you shredded my tires," he started to walk at a brisk pace back to the house, I tend to go further from it everyday, "Duke, can we go the forest route? It's really nice this time of night." He carefully put my bike on the ground.it fell but it was in one piece. I scratched the back of his ears before I jumped down, "I'll see you at the house, tell mom not to worry." He barked in response as he watched me glide down the forest path. It was amazing! The sounds of the night in the forest, every twig snapping sent something running in the distance. I was too occupied with looking what was around me, rather then in front, my tire hit a large rock sending me flying into a tree. "Ow..." I muttered rubbing my temples, a cry of distress brought me back to my senses. Any normal person would run the other direction, but I'm not a normal person. I ran towards it, pulling back some bushes I found two Zorua pups, they seemed really young to be away from their mother. I looked around, I didn't see anything, or hear anything, I bent down nudging one of them who let out a weak growl. I unzipped my jacket placing it on the left side, holding it I bent down to pick up the other one. It sprang to its feet and sank it little fangs into my finger, I gritted my teeth, but didn't move, "your friend is injured, I can help him." It released my finger and cautiously walked out, I sat on my knees opening my jacket, it scoffed standing a few feet away, "you don't have to trust me, but I will help your friend." Holding my jacket I ran home, quickly glancing at the second one every now and then.

I rushed inside, "mom! Get the first-aid kit!" She came rushing down the stairs "what's wrong?! What happened?!" I opened my jacket pulling out the pup and laying it on the towel, "It's the Zorua, it's badly injured." She sighed in relief, "Anya, don't scare me like that, I thought it was you." I was on the break of tears, "we need to help it, it'll die without us." Her gaze softened, "I don't know what we can do sweetheart, nature might just have to take its course." She placed a hand on my shoulder, "you can tell your father about it when he gets home." I shook my head, "IM SAVING IT!" I yelled at her, picking it up in the towel, "I don't need your help!" I screamed running up the stairs. I laid it on my bed pulling out the bandages, checking for cuts, "c'mon Anya  remember what grandma taught you about healing." I searched through the bag and didn't find anything familiar, then it hit me, "berries!" I screamed running down the stairs, I dashed out the back door and to our berry garden. "Lets see, Pecha, Oran...Leppa!" I gathered them in my shirt and ran back inside laying them all over my bed, I frantically dashed around the room looking for my berry masher. I quickly pulled it out from under my bed and began mashing them into a liquid, I nudged the Zorua that weakly opened an eye, "you need to drink this," it simply turned. I sighed thinking of what I was going to do, then it came to me, I ran to my baby brothers room and took one of his bottles. I made sure it was clean before adding the juice, I sat on the bed and picked up the Zorua laying it on my lap, it was more reluctant. I sighed in relief, as it drank the liquid. I laid it on my pillow, it seemed a little better, "alright your turn," I picked up a bandaid and carefully laid it on the Zorua's snout. "It's not a terrible cut but the bandaid will keep it from infection," I smiled watching them curl next to each other, I didn't want to move them so I grabbed a spare pillow and blanket and slept on the floor, I just hoped and prayed that grandma's remedies were enough.

I awoke the next morning with something furry curled under my arms, I really didnt want to move, but I was starving. I sat up, "looks like your feeling better," the Zorua nodded, "lets go get something to eat," we dashed down the stairs. I couldn't tell if they trusted me necessarily but obviously it was enough for them to eat the food I gave them. "Oh Anya, I forgot to tell you Lozzie and Aldrin came by yesterday." I looked up with my piece of toast still having it hang of my mouth, I swallowed the bite in my mouth before answering, "really?!" I grabbed my bag and ran outside, "Anya wait!" I stopped and looked over my shoulder, "dear they were just passing through," I sighed, "Dang."  I sat on the ground grumbling. when a strange blue creature sat next to me, "WHAT ARE YOU?!" I nearly fell over, before I realized what it was. "dear, thats the Zorua you rescued last night," I cocked an eyebrow, "but a Zorua is suppost to look like that," I said pointing to its sibling dashing out of the house. She smiled at me and shook her head, "its shiny sweetheart, you are very lucky." I shrugged, as an older man walked up to me "Excuse me little girl, but how much do you want for your shiny Zorua." I blinked, and looked down at the Zorua that was pawing at the bandage on its snout. "hes not for sale," I replied.

"but ill pay triple of anyones offers," I shook my head, "im not selling him." The man frowned, "your loss." I sighed picking up the blue creature, "I dont know if your going stay but I wont sell you, I really dont see the point in it." 

"your really nice, can we stay?" I looked around, "who said that?!" my mom looked down from her watering,"who are you talking to?" she mustve thought I was insane! "oh, no one..hehe...." she shifted her gaze and averted her eyes back to the flowers, "hey stupid, its me, the one that your holding." I looked at the Zorua, "are you in my head?" he rolled his eyes, "obviously, im not talking out loud." the sarcasm died down in his voice, "id like to thank you for saving my brother and I" I smiled slightly, "no problem?..."

"yeah thank you," the other chirped. "but can we stay?" I looked at my mom then back at the Zorua twins, I knew what the answer was going to be, especially since I didnt even have my own. "well, theres one person I need to ask, Duke!" The Arcanine bounded over the fence and sat next to me,, "do you think they should stay?" he flicked his ears pondering the thought before nodding, "well theres your answer, you can stay." seeing their reactions was priceless and from that day those two stayed with me for the rest of my life, as a trainer we faced many hard battles but we pulled through. I later found that 'Blu' loves bandaids, so that day when the cut on his nose was healed he refused to let me touch it so I change it every few weeks or he throws a fit. But heres the starting of my life with the craziest team imaginable.

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