The hot new house mate

it's about a girl who lives in NYC and one day her grandmother tells her that someone is coming to stay at there house for awhile. she assumes it's a girl but oh is she wrong. for a girl who doesn't fuss over boys much she seems to be very interested in this one. will they seek out there strong desire for each other, or will she let him leave without ever letting him know how she feels.


9. Strong Desire

"Hey after breakfast did you want to go down to the beach?" Clara asked me.

"Yeah sounds nice." I would like to try out my new swimsuit. I wonder what Aiden would think of me in it.

"How about you Aiden?" Aiden looked at her then me smiled and said yes. I smile to myself and finish my breakfast.

After we've gotten our swimsuits on we went down to the beach. The first thing me and Clara did was race down into the water, I won. After me and Clara finish our splashing fight we get out of the water, as I'm getting out Aiden walks down the beach toward us. I have never seen Aiden shirtless, sad I know but it never happened. The dude had a sexy body he had muscle everywhere and I couldn't seem to keep my eyes away from his V-line just knowing what was right below it. I'm such a pervert I shouldn't be thinking that. He's looking at me differently, do I look bad?

Aiden's POV

I see Mia she's in a white bikini and her long black wavy hair blowing in the wind, this girl is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. This is the most i've ever seen of her and I have to say she's gorgeous, makes me wonder what she would look like without clothes on.

I walk up to her and she looks at me with those beautiful green eyes, I swear this girl is going to be the death of me.

"Wow you look gorgeous." I say to Mia.

"Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself." she says blushing and smiling. I put my arm around her waist and walk down the beach with her. We get pretty far from everyone so we stop and sit facing the ocean.

"It's really nice here, I wish I was a mermaid so I could live in the ocean forever." Mia says smiling at the ocean.

"And I'd be the sailor you lurer into the water." I joke. "Yeah the mermaid and the sailor who fell in love...I don't think i'd be satisfied with being a mermaid though i'd probably would want to live on land after awhile, grow wings and fly up to the sky and through the clouds I don't know It all seems so free and peaceful." I stare at her, she's so beautiful when she talks about the things she loves. She looks at me and with love in her eyes and shocks me by her next move. She kisses me, at first gentle then more hungry like she can't get enough.

I rub my hands through her soft hair and start to lower my kisses to her neck. I'm growing hungry for her body, I push her down on the sand and keep with my kisses. She roams her hands all over my upper body which makes me moan and want her more. For a second I'm enjoying this wanting to take this farther but once that thought arrives I pull away not wanting to go any farther until she is ready and definitely not in public.

We sit up and she says "We should probably head back before they worry." she says still not wanting to end it.

"Yeah, we should." our desire for each other is getting stronger, I don't know how much longer we can hold it in for.

We head back to everyone else, Clara runs up to us and begs us to participate in the who has the best sand castle. We do and we did pretty well together and we get third place. This dude got first place had made a castle that was like ten feet tall.

After our sand castle thing it was about dark so we head back in to eat dinner. Tomorrow Clara and Mia are gonna spend the whole day going places so I plan on getting sometime to myself to hopefully control myself from the urge of attacking Mia where she stands. 


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