The hot new house mate

it's about a girl who lives in NYC and one day her grandmother tells her that someone is coming to stay at there house for awhile. she assumes it's a girl but oh is she wrong. for a girl who doesn't fuss over boys much she seems to be very interested in this one. will they seek out there strong desire for each other, or will she let him leave without ever letting him know how she feels.


19. invite only

I feel horrible for doubting Aiden. I should have known that it had to be some mistake. I'm just glad that he forgave me for my mistake I've certainly learned my lesson from it, always talk it out before making irrational decisions based off of a slut and a misunderstanding. That reminds me didn't Cece try to apologize for that. Omg, wow I am such a bitch there she was trying to apologize and explain for the misunderstanding and I totally snapped at her. I guess I have someone else to apologize to.

I look at the time to see that it is now seven O'clock. Here goes the long dreaded day in the hell hole they call a school. Times like these I wish I was a college student like Aiden at least he gets to choose whenever he wants his classes to be.

I miss him it's been almost a week since we made up and now that we have I realized that we won't be spending much time together. What's even worse is the jealousy that keeps bubbling in my stomach when I think of the fact that he will be surrounded by much older, prettier girls than me. One day he could come home and be like "Sorry Mia I have fallen in love with someone more mature and sexier than you" Leaving me in the dust to tend to my broken heart. Yes it's very dramatic but it could happen but I think after the week we had last week I know I can trust him enough to at least be honest with me before he makes any moves.

I made it to my first class, Biology. The teacher seemed to be in a good mood. I mean if you call a good mood a blotchy looking face, crooked clothes, and messy hair But for Ms. Choseberry that was a good mood. The class passed by pretty fast since I was too busy daydreaming the whole time mostly about when I would see Aiden but also about how my bed seems like the best place right now.

I walked to my locker which was by Clara's who happen to be there jumping up and down excitedly waiting for me.

"Omg, Omg." She squeals. I cover my ears from her loud annoying squealing.

"Must you yell?"

"Ugh yes something freaking awesome just happened and it deserves a little excitement."

"And what's that?" she smiles until her lips almost touch her eyes.

"Well, Ben has this friend who has this friend who has this cousin who has-"

"Cut the shit short and get to the point." I interrupt. I know it sounds bitchy but who really wants to hear that on a Monday morning.

"Someones touchy today."

"Yeah yeah get on with it please," I say while getting my books out of my locker.

"Ok, so Ben said that there's this party this Friday and he wants us to come." She beams.

"Yeah I'm going to pass." There's no way I'm going to a party filled with drunks and perverts especially a college party.

"Oh come on please this is a once in a lifetime chance, it's a freaking college party how many high schoolers get to go?"

"I don't know nor do I care. I'm not a party person."I turn to leave and head to my next class only to be stopped by Clara pulling my arm.

"Ouch, that hurts!"

"Aiden will be there." Dammit, she knows exactly what to do to get me to do what she wants and let's face it I haven't seen him in a week and I miss him.

"How do you know?" I ask.

"Because Ben told me so, he said that some KU students are coming down to their college for some research or something I don't remember and there staying for awhile and Aiden happens to be one of the people picked." She explains. Well, why didn't he tell me this we could have planned to hang out?

Clara notices my change in attitude.

"What's wrong?" She asks with concern etched onto her face.

"Nothing just Aiden didn't tell me he'd be coming."

"Maybe he wanted to surprise you or he was too busy and forgot."

"Yeah maybe."

"But instead, you could surprise him at the party."

"Your really dead set on making me go aren't you?"

"You damn right I am." We laugh then part ways as we head down to our second-hour classes.

The second hour happens to pass surprisingly fast but I guess it would if you happen to fall asleep during half of the class like I did. Don't get any ideas that I'm a lazy student because I'm not. I get straight A's I'm keeping my 4.0-grade average, especially if I want to get into a good college. The only reason why I'm lazing around today is because for one it's been a hard week, two I already know most of the things there teaching all they do is reteach the stuff we already know then use it in a somewhat different way.

The bell finally rings leaving me to head to lunch. I should probably apologize to Cece now that I have the chance to. I walk into the lunch room and grab my lunch. I head to my usual lunch table with my usual lunch group.

"Awe why not?" Kat wines.

"Because you weren't invited that's why." Clara states.

"Who cares if I was invited or not it's called crashing."

"Whatcha guys talking about?" I ask interrupting their conversation.

"Clara won't let me come to the college party you guys are going to." I look over to Clara.

"Why can't she come?"

"Because she wasn't invited and it's invitation only." I look at here confused.

"When has a college party ever been invite only?"

"When it's a kosher party day." I look at her wide eyed. What the lamb chops, were going to a kosher party and she didn't tell me this.

"Where going to a fucking kosher party and you didn't tell me this?!" I yell at Clara. The kosher party only happened once a year and it's a huge party that only allows certain people, you have to be invited to get in. I heard the party is crazy and every year they have a celebrity come. I know I said I wasn't a party person but I sure as hell can be one if it means going to that party.

"Oh, i didn't? Sorry, i thought I did that's why I was so excited." I look at her in disbelief.

"Are you serious you left out the most important information."

"So are you going?" I look at her like she was stupid. Why wouldn't I go it's a freaking kosher party.

"Yes, no way in hell I wouldn't. How'd we get invited anyways?"

"like I said before you had interrupted me Ben knows a guy who knows a guy who's cousins-"

"Yeah yeah yeah he knows a guy I get it." I interrupt.

"So can I go?" Kat squeaks in. Clara and I both look at each other.

"No," we say in union

"Ugh, why not?"she pouts.

"Because it invites only and I'm not inviting someone who wasn't invited just to get kicked out," I state.

"You guys please I'll do anything."

"You know that's the same thing I asked you in fifth grade when I asked you not to ask out Charles for me." Charles was an old crush in the fifth grade he was super sweet and cute back then but now let's just say puberty did no good for him at all.

"And you wanna know what you said to me when I asked you not to?." I ask. She looks at me pleading that I don't say the words she knows I'm going to say.

"Too Bad." She drops her head on the table then quickly shoots up to ask Clara something but Clara interrupts her.






"Bitches." She says angrily and walks off.

"She's such a brat." Clara states. I nod my head in agreement.

"Remind we why were friends with her again," I ask.

"Because she knows people and we know no one."

"Ah right." I look around to see if I can find Cece just remembering that I have to apologize.

"Whatcha looking for?" Clara asks.

"I'm looking for Cece I have to apologize for the other day." She looks at me confused so I explain everything to her.

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?"

"It's been a hectic week I kinda forgot sorry."

"All forgiven but yeah I guess you should apologize to the one person who's been ruining your life since the fifth grade." I roll my eyes at her.

"Yeah, but she was trying to apologize to me but I snapped at her instead of listening."

"Yeah but you had every right to snap at her when has she ever apologized and not humiliate


"I know I know but it seemed like she was sincere." she laughs.

"The day Cece turns sincere is the day pigs fly." She is right it is weird that she would want to apologize to me without humiliating me in the process. Maybe she's changing for the better or maybe I caught her before she could humiliate me. But then again she didn't have her minions with her so she wouldn't have really done something without them.

"Hey you ok." Clara interrupts me from my thoughts.
"Yeah, I was just thinking about if Cece was sincere or not."

"Girl I told you already she ain't and she ain't and she never will be just let the subject go and even if she was serious by chance she'll live if she doesn't get one apology I mean she would deserve it for how she's been treating you."

"Well, we should probably dump our trays the bell is going to ring any second now."

When the lunch bell rings we head to our next classes and it seems as though time is on our side seeing that the next thing I know the end of the day is here.

"Whens the party?" I ask Clara meeting her in the parking lot.

"it's tonight at nine." I nod my head and head to my car. Well, I can already tell that this is going to be absolutely crazy.









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