The hot new house mate

it's about a girl who lives in NYC and one day her grandmother tells her that someone is coming to stay at there house for awhile. she assumes it's a girl but oh is she wrong. for a girl who doesn't fuss over boys much she seems to be very interested in this one. will they seek out there strong desire for each other, or will she let him leave without ever letting him know how she feels.


17. Heartache

"That fucking Bastard!" Clara yells and walks up to them while I'm frozen where I stand in total disbelief.

"You fucking bastard how could you." Clara yanks Aiden toward her.

"Oh, can it Clara it's not-," Cece A.K.A Queen Bitch says only to get interrupted by Clara.

"Bitch you better shut your damn pie hole before I slap you silly." Clara glared at her waiting for her to say anything almost wanting her to so it could give her a reason to hit her. Cece scoffs at Clara and crosses her arms in an impatient stance.

"Clara, let me explain." Aiden pleads.

"Explain what Aiden we saw you kissing this bitch."

"We?" Aiden looks up at me with pleading and guilt in his eyes and that's when everything finally registered through my head. He took one step toward me and I was off, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and ran all the way home. I needed some other pain than the one that was on my chest so I focused on pushing my legs as hard as I could focusing only on that pain. 

The pain had worked until I collapsed on my bed and my legs went numb. My chest felt like it was being squeezed so tightly I felt like it was going to explode. I tried my best for the longest not to cry but damn it was hard. It hurt so bad when I saw him kissing Cece, I felt so betrayed and lied to and so dirty. How could he do this to me I-I thought he loved me.

I should have known that Cece would take him away from me one way or another, shit why didn't I know? why did I let myself fall for him? I'm such an idiot. goodness, my chest hurts so bad. I just want this day to be over with. I just want...Aiden. I broke down crying I couldn't hold it anymore it was too much even after Aiden had come home and pleaded for me to talk to him I ignored him and locked him out which only made me cry harder. how much I wish I could just cuddle up with him to make the pain go away.


I woke up the next day with a horrible headache and read puffy eyes, I looked like crap. I had originally planned to stay in bed all day not wanting to run into Aiden but Clara insisted that we go somewhere to take my mind off of things.

"Please Mia, you can't sit in your room all day it's unhealthy." Clara pleads with me.

"I don't want to Clara I don't want to run into him anywhere or go anywhere and act like everything's ok when it isn't. Everything is completely wrong and I can't just try to hide that, it hurts too much." She sighs and hugs me tighter.

"Fine but can you at least come to my house so we can get you out of bed. You'll be away from Aiden."I think over her offer and agree only because then I don't have to see his sorry face and make my grandmother worried. The worst thing about living with your hot crush is that when you decide to date him and he cheats on you, you have to see his face everyday and get reminded of what he did and you can't seem to get away.

"Don't worry soon he'll be off to school and you can forget about him." I forced a small smile on my lips. That day won't come for another five days. Is it wrong for me to not want him to go?


The next five days are like hell. He was avoiding the house as much as possible while I stayed home and cried. Clara tried to comfort me but I just wanted to be alone and I think that's what Aiden thought with him avoiding the house. Today is the first day of my Junior year and it's starting off pretty shitty. 

"Hey girl, how are you feeling?" Clara asks with concern etched onto her face.

"As good as anyone could when going through a breakup."

"Well if you need me, just text and I'll be there within seconds ok," I smile at her and thank her, I just hope that I won't have to.

I head to my first class and take my seat in the very back. I listen to the teacher introduce herself then I tune her out ignoring her for the rest of the period, man I just wish this day could go by as fast as possible.

When the lunch bell rang I felt such relief for the break that I get from the boring classes not that I paid any attention. I got my lunch and headed toward our usual table with Clara and a few of our other friends we missed over the summer. 

"So Clara I heard you had a boy toy in college, what's his name?" Kelly asks one of Clara's closer friends.

Clara blushes and smiles at kelly. "His name is Ben and I met him in Miami."

"Is he hot?" Clara looks at her like she's stupid, of course, Clara would only date the best. She shows Kelly a picture of Ben.

"Damn girl maybe I should go to Miami to get me a boy toy as well."

"Mia, how about you meet anybody down there," Kelly asks me.

"Uh, no." 

"Oh right, I totally forgot your dating that one guy who came to live with you guys, how is that going by the way?" I looked at her uncomfortably the last thing I want to do is explain something like this to someone. I looked at Clara for help before she could get anything out of me.

"Trouble in paradise." was all Clara said expecting kelly to back out but that only seemed to intrigue her more.

"Oh, really what happened." Clara tried to speak but was interrupted.

"I kissed him." I turned around behind me to spot the bitch that was the cause of my heartache.

"Look bitch we don't ne-"

"Can it Clara, I came to talk to Mia." I looked up at her in disbelief why would she want to talk to me. It doesn't matter anyways I don't want to talk to her.

"She doesn't want to talk to you," Clara says reading my mind.

"Well see what she says about that." she looks at me waiting for my answer.

"I don't want to talk to the bitch who ruined my relationship,"I said glaring into her eyes.

"Look I know you're mad at me and I'm sorry but-" I snap and interrupt her. She's sorry last time she was sorry I got pushed into the mud puddle.

"Sorry, you're sorry."


"last time you were sorry you pushed me into a mud puddle. You expect me to believe that you're sorry."


"No, you have no right to hurt me the way you did. Man, what is it with you and trying to ruin my life what the hell have I've done to you that made you hate me so much. First, you humiliate me in front of the whole school then you humiliate me in front of almost the whole population of New York and now you want to take the one person I loved. No, I deserve more than just an apology and you know it. Actually, what I want fro you is to stay the hell away from me and leave me the fuck alone." I storm out of the lunch room and out to the parking lot. I start my car and leave headed to the one place I can be alone and think.



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