A world turned

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  • Published: 23 Mar 2016
  • Updated: 22 Mar 2016
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Remember when the things you worried about were how hot it was outside? Remember when the craziest things that happened all day were what you ate for lunch? Now, it'a 2016. Look what's already happened, and there are not "good old days."


1. Memories

Think back to an age, let's say seven

You were a child, little did you realize, this was like heaven

When you were this young, your parents fixed your problems with a kiss

Do you ever think back to these days, do you ever wish?

Do you wish that you could go back to these "good old days?"

These days, they would eventually morph into just a phase.

They were a time of laughter, friendship, and you were free

What happened to the relationships? You and me?

Now open your eyes and look around

Something's wrong, even in your hometown

We used to all dream about going to Disneyland, and meeting the costumes

Our world isn't the happiest now, it's full of doom 

Instead of running through the gates and jumping in line

We have to find our bags, I look for mine

We try everything we can, precautions are taken

Maybe one day, our eyes and body will awaken

2016 hasn't been off to a great start

It shakes the world, it affects our heart

2016 hasn't been the safest, we've already seen more than enough

We can't even think back to the good times, 2015 was also rough

Can we remember a time now when we were safe and sound?

The world still turns, it still goes around

I wish that when we traveled, the biggest problem would be forgetting a souvenir

But now, integrated into our minds is this new fear

Fear of getting hurt, fear of never seeing the sun

Fear of what we've seen, we are all one

We all fear what we know can happen, we fear the danger of the new year

I wish we didn't have to live with the fear

2016 hasn't been the easiest, 2016 has seen terror and trial

We've faced blame, and there has been cases of denial

2016 hasn't been easy, we haven't gotten a lucky break 

But we know what we will do, we'll make

We'll make with the hand we've been dealt, we'll live another day

The world comes together, we'll surely make a way 

So embrace 2016 and ignore the disappointments, challenges, and fears

Soon, it'll be summer, then fall, then a new year

We can't dwell on the bad, we must take a stand

We know we can, we are united, united we stand 

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