Say You Love Me

"Who is that?," I asked Erica, peeking through the curtains, pointing to his shadow walking on the beach.
"That's Harry Styles. He usually comes out at night for a stroll. Some people say that he's a vampire."
I looked at him again and he was looking straight at me. I quickly closed the curtain.
"A vampire? You gotta be kidding me," I said.
She shrugged.
I peeked outside again, but he was gone. I looked left, then, right, but I didn't see him. Chills ran down my spin and I closed the curtain.


5. Harry's Casa

Elizabeth's P.O.V.


"Welcome back  to my casa."


I giggled and walked in.

"Make yourself at home, while I go and get that cream," he said, jogging up the staircase.

I sat down on the couch and looked around.

His house didn't look as antique as last that I had a better look, it looked more fancy-ish.

I got up and walked over the the fireplace, were on a shelf, there were pictures of Harry's family. I mean, I think it was his family.

There were two women, one older and one younger. Perhaps his sister and mom?

"Yes, that's my mum and my sister," Harry said, suddenly right behind me.

I jumped a bit, frightened.

"Sorry," he apologized.

"It's okay," I said, smiling a bit, and looking at the picture again.

"Where's your dad?," I asked.

He swallowed.

"Oh I'm sorry...I didn't-"

"He's not dead. He left me, well us, when I was seven," Harry said, "But I still visit him from time to time."

"Ohh," I said and looked back at the pictures.

"So...I have the cream for your back here," Harry said.

I looked at his hands, and he was holding a white bottle.

"How do you use it?," I asked.

"It says here "Apply in circular movements on sunburned spot. Let dry for five minutes. Don't shower for at least half an hour." But I think it's best if you don't shower for a while or if you must under cold water, or else you'll get bubbles on your back," he said, looking at me.

I nodded.

He gave me the bottle.

How will I put it on my back though? Will Erica do it?

"Would you like me to put it on your back?," Harry suddenly asked.

I looked at him and blinked.

He looked back at me.

"Um...n-...yes. If you can... you seem to know how to use it better then me," I said.

He nodded.

"Want to come upstairs so you can lay down?," he asked.

I bit my lip and nodded.

He showed me upstairs to his bedroom.

It was huge. Big King-Sized bed, along with a bathroom attached to it. A  walk-in closet. And a balcony with the view at the beach.

Harry turned on the bedside lamp.

I looked at him. Wait...why am I doing this? I got suddenly nervous.

"What me to help you unzip your dress?," he asked.

"Uh...y-yes," I said.

He walked over to me and slowly pulled the zipper down.

"You don't have to take it off, but just take it off your shoulders," he said, brushing his hands against my shoulders.

I bit my lip and  slid the dresses shoulder straps down.

"Now lay down on your stomach," he told me.

I did as he said.

"Now don't worry, it's only cream. It should soothe your skin nicely," he said, getting on top of me.

I sucked in a breath. He was actually on top of me....well from the back.

I felt his hands touch my skin, and I felt electricity flow through every vein in my body. 

His hand were so strong, yet so gentle.

"How does it feel?," he asked, his voice near my ear.

"Very nice," I said, relaxing more.

He massaged my back as he put on more cream on.

I closed my eyes.

"There!," he said after a while.

I tried getting up.

"AH, AH, AH! You need to stay there for at least five minutes," he said.

"Oh right," I said, lowering myself back down.

"I'm just gonna go wash the cream off my hands," he said.

I nodded. 

He left.

I sighed and thought about the feeling that I just experienced. I wanted his gentle, soft hands to go everywhere on my body...wait what? 

But it was true...he is so hot, who wouldn't wanna do something-something with him?

Harry came back with a grin on his face.

"What's making you grin like that?," I asked.

His eyes burned into mine.

"Nothing, nothing," he smiled.

"Oh okay," I said.

He chuckled, and helped me zip my dress back up.

I stood up.

"That feels so much better," I said, rolling my shoulders.

He nodded.

I looked up at him, our eyes locking with each other.

He came closer, and put his hands on my hips.

My heart started to beat faster. His eyes burned into mine.

I bit my lip.

He took one of his hand of my hip and cupped my face, tracing his thumb over my lips.

I closed my eyes, my breathing quickening.

I felt him pull me even closer.

I opened my eyes.

His eyes were focused on my lips.

My hands finally came back to life and I placed them gently on his chest.

His eyes flickered back to mine, and then back down to my lips.

He finally leaned in and closing the gap between us, placed his lips on mine.

I felt my whole body go numb, but he held me close.

Our lips fitted perfectly together, and moved in sync.

Soon, he started backing me up against the wall.

Once me back touch the wall, I flinched.

Harry pulled away.

"I'm sorry, I totally forgot about your back," he said.

"It's okay," I said. 

His eyes sparkled, but started changing into a darker green almost black.

"You didn't mention your eyes change color," I said, giggling.

He blinked a few times quickly.

"Uh, yeah they do...will you please excuse me. I really need the bathroom," he said.

I smiled and nodded.

He quickly went to the bathroom.

Perhaps it was just my imagination playing tricks on me again. But he did deny that his eyes change color. 
I sat back down on the bed and waited.



Harry's P.O.V.


No, no. Not again.

I watched my eyes turn red and my fangs start to grow.

Why, just why? 

Why must I be this ugly creature!?

I splashed myself with cold water and looked at myself again.

My eyes quickly went back to their normal color, and so did my teeth.

"Good, and stay like that," I said to my reflection.




Elizabeth's P.O.V.


"Ahh, much better. Excuse me for taking off like that," Harry said, returning from the toilet.

"It's okay," I smiled and stood up.

"It's getting late," he said, looking at his watch.

"Yeah, I should get going," I said, a bit disappointed.

"We can meet again tomorrow?"

"Here?," I asked.

"If you want. But I find a walk more interesting," he chuckled.

You kidding me. I want you on top of me. Body to body, making me scream your name.

Harry grinned.

I shook my head. Okay I need to stop thinking that.

I grabbed my phone from his bed and walked out the door and down the marble stairs.

Harry lead me to his door.

"Well...I'll see you tomorrow then," I said.

"Yes," he smiled.

I thought about kissing him, but he didn't look like he wanted to, so I opened the door.

He grabbed my other hand and pulled me to him, kissing me passionately.

"Until tomorrow," he whispered.

I blinked a lot of times and he opened the door again.

"Bye," I whispered and walked out.

"Wait..maybe you want me to walk you home?," he asked.

"It's just four buildings away. Don't worry, I'll make it," I said, walking into the sand.

"Okay, goodnight Liz," he smiled.

"Goodnight..Hazz," I said back.

He chuckled and closed his door.

I skipped home and bounded up the stairs.

"You're back!," Erica said.

"Well, I could of stayed there. But Mr. Styles probably isn't ready for something-something," I said.

"Oh my gosh! Did he kiss you??," she asked.

I nodded my head, a smirk plastered on my face.

"Harry and Liz sitting in a tree," Erica sang.

"Oh shut up," I laughed and ran up the stairs.

I flung myself onto my bed and starred at the ceiling.

Even if he was a vampire....My feelings for him wouldn't change. But hey, vampires ain't real.



Harry's P.O.V.


"Vampires ain't real."


I heard her thinking.

Okay Haz, block her out of your head, it's not nice to lurk into her thoughts.

But then...

"Perhaps tomorrow...something more will happen." 

I smirked. That girl! I couldn't help but smile.

I sighed and put down the book of love, starring out the window.

If only there was a way to hide the creature in me, while I make love to her. But there's no way. 

"If a vampire is turned on, or having sex, his or her fangs will grow, and their eyes will turn red."

I remembered those words from my vampire training, well from mom.

Why must of mum chosen to marry a vampire? Why did she choose this life for me and my sister? 

Out of all my 156 years of being a vampire, I've never been in love with a human as I am with Elizabeth.

There is a way to make me a human, though.

She must love me wholeheartedly, and I must too. She must say 'I love you' first and then I can...l when we are making love that is.....we both need to profess our feelings wholeheartedly, and then I'll pass out or something, and it'll take a while before I wake up, a human. And I think it also meant that she'd have to bite me...

It's so hard to explain...she might not want me at all.

That's the saddest part of it.

She doesn't know who I really am. 

She doesn't believe in vampires.

"She won't want me, if she learns about me. But after I tell her I can't let her go. She must either chose to become a vampire or love me for me and change me back," I said aloud.

"Will she want to live through that?"

Tears slid down my face.

I've haven't cried in fifty years.

I threw the book of love across the floor.

Fifty years! 

I was 156. What the heck is that? 

Why can't I be a normal human, who lives only to be between 90-100 if he or she takes care of themself.

Why did my mom chose to be a vampire? Just why?

I cried myself to sleep.






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