Heartfelt Letters to My Exes

My name's Ashton Hayes. Throughout my crazy, fucked up, suspenseful life, I've had a few girlfriends. My life as an 18 year old boy growing up in a too tough world I set myself a goal. Travel as much as possible, and be happy. Simple as that. And, I guess, that's all.


4. Dear Anna,

Dear Anna,


How are you? I know we didn’t leave on the best terms. I made your brown eyes sob, and that was one of the most depressing moments in my life. I saw the red blood vessels in your eyes brighten. I’m so sorry for doing that, it made my stomach sick and I restricted myself from eating until I felt like I’d suffered enough. I remember holding onto your shoulders and hips as you slept. At that time, I never felt so safe by someone’s side. You made me feel like a butterfly the first time it flies. The way it felt so freeing to be someone else’s company and not worrying about my past. For once, when I was 17, did I feel like I belonged to someone. I belonged to something bigger than myself. Something else besides me. Thank you, for teaching me to be selfless and help other people before myself.

Love, Ashton

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